Knobbed triton Charonia lampas, copyright Philippe Guillaume.
Belongs within: Latrogastropoda.
Contains: Mataxidae, Personidae, Cymatiinae, Bursidae, Ranellidae, Tonnidae, Cassidae, Ficus.

The Tonnoidea are a group of often large marine gastropods with particularly large larval shells, reaching diameters up to 5.4 mm, and a well-developed periostracum that extends past the apertural opening during the larval stage (Bandel & Dockery 2012). Members of the Tonnoidea are predators, often feeding on echinoderms. They include the Ficidae, fig shells, a small family of tropical shallow-water or abyssal marine gastropods that take their name from the roughly fig-shaped appearance of their shells. Charonia, the tritons, have fusiform shells that can reach giant sizes with the giant triton C. tritonis growing over half a metre in length.

<==Tonnoidea [Canalifera, Cassidida, Cassina, Cassoidea, Doliacea, Tonnacea] BD12
|–Charonia Gistel 1847 S11, BR05 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–*C. tritonis (Linnaeus 1758) P61, BW09 (see below for synonymy)
|    |–C. capax Finlay 1926 WG71 [incl. C. capax euclioides Finlay 1927 F27, P61, F27]
|    |–‘Tritonium’ carinatum [incl. T. angulosum] C64
|    |–‘Triton’ davidsoni d’Archiac & Haime 1854 [=Cancellaria davidsoni] PH90
|    |–C. euclia Hedley 1914 WG71
|    |–‘Triton’ lacunatum Mighels 1845 J49
|    |–C. laevigata (Lamarck 1816) S11
|    |–C. lampas (Linnaeus 1758) WG71
|    |–‘Tritonium’ moerchianum C64
|    |–C. opis C60
|    |–C. powelli Cotton 1956 WG71
|    |–‘Triton’ pseudospengleri [incl. T. minimus] H86b
|    |–‘Tritonium’ rombergi C64
|    |–C. rubicunda (Perry 1811) WG71 [=Septa rubicunda F27, Cymatium rubicundum H09]
|    |–‘Tritonium’ rutilum C64
|    |–C. sauliae Reeve 1844 WG71
|    |–‘Triton’ spengleri H86a
|    `–C. woodsi (Tenison-Woods 1879) C60, F71 [=Triton woodsii F71, Austrotriton woodsi C60]
`–+–+–+–Eosassiidae [Eosassinidae] BD12
|  |  |    |–Eosassia Bandel & Dockery 2012 BD12
|  |  |    |    `–*E. gwinae (Dockery 1993) [=Gyrineum gwinae] BD12
|  |  |    `–Sassia Bellardi 1837 S11, BD12
|  |  |         |–*S. apenninica (Sassi 1827) BD12
|  |  |         |–S. centrosum (Conrad 1863) P12
|  |  |         |–S. kamphyla (Watson 1883) S11
|  |  |         `–S. parkinsonia HS01
|  |  `–Fusitriton Cossmann 1903 S11, WG71
|  |       |–*F. cancellatum [=Triton cancellatum] P61
|  |       |–F. laudandus Finlay 1927 P61
|  |       |–F. magellanicus (Röding 1798) S11
|  |       |–F. oregonensis (Redfield 1848) O27 (see below for synonymy)
|  |       `–F. retiolus (Hidley 1914) S11 [=Priene retiolum F27]
|  `–+–+–Personidae ZLK11
|     |  `–Thalassocyon Barnard 1960 S11, BD12 [Thalassocynidae, Thalassocyonidae]
|     |       `–*T. bonus Barnard 1960 BD12
|     `–Cymatiidae BR17
|          |–Cymatiinae S11
|          `–Argobuccininae BR17
|               |–Argobuccinum Herrmannsen 1846 BR05 (see below for synonymy)
|               |    |–*A. argus (Gmelin 1791) P61, F27 [=Murex argus P61]
|               |    |–A. cancellatum [=Priene cancellata, Tritonium (Buccinum) cancellatum] C64
|               |    |–‘Priene’ nodosa C64
|               |    |–A. pustulosum HS01
|               |    |–A. succinctum (Linnaeus 1771) H09 (see below for synonymy)
|               |    |–A. tumidum (Dunker 1862) [=A. pustulosum tumidum HS01]
|               |    `–A. vexillum Sowerby 1835 WG71 [=Ranella vexillum O27]
|               `–Gyrineum Link 1807 BR17, BR05 [Gyrineinae]
|                    |–*G. gyrinum (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 (see below for synonymy)
|                    |–G. affine (Broderip 1833) [=Ranella affinis] H09
|                    |–G. lacunatum (Mighels 1845) MG-H11
|                    |–G. longicaudatum Beu 1998 BC01
|                    |–G. pulchellum (Forbes 1852) [=Ranella pulchella] H09
|                    |–G. ranelloides (Reeve 1844) [=Triton ranelloides] H09
|                    `–G. rubicola (Perry 1811) [=Biplex rubicola] H09
`–+–+–Bursidae ZLK11
|  `–Ranellidae ZLK11
`–+–+–Tonnidae ZLK11
|  `–Cassidae S11
`–Ficidae [Ficoidea] TTE93
|–Ficus ZLK11
|–Protopirula capensis (Rennie 1931) TTE93
`–Priscoficus TTE93
|–P. bicarinatus (Briart & Cornet 1870) TTE93
`–P. obtusus (Marshall 1917) TTE93

Tonnoidea incertae sedis:
Colombellinidae [Columbellinidae] BD12
|–Alariopsis clathrata Gemmellaro 1878 TTE93
|–Zittelia Gemmellaro 1869 BD12, BR17 [Zitteliidae]
|    `–*Z. cypraeaeformis Gemmellaro 1869 BR17
|–Colombellina d’Orbigny 1843 [=Columbellina Geinitz 1846] BR17
|    `–*C. monodactylus (Leymerie 1842) [=Rostellaria monodactylus] BR17
|–Columbellaria Rolle 1861 [Columbellariidae] BD12
|    |–*C. corallina (Quenstedt 1852) [=Cassis corallina] BR17
|    `–C. bathonica Cossmann 1913 TTE93
`–Neocolombellina Bandel & Dockery 2012 BD12
|–*N. cancellata (Dockery 1993) BD12
|–N. americana (Wade 1926) [=Colombellina americana] BD12
`–N. carlea (Dockery 1993) [=Gyrineum carleum] BD12
Mataxidae BD12
Laubierinidae [Laubierinioidea, Laubierinoidea] BR17
|–Akibumia orientalis (Schepman 1909) MG-H11
|–Laubierina Warén & Bouchet 1990 BR05
|    `–*L. peregrinator Warén & Bouchet 1990 BR17
`–Pisanianura Rovereto 1899 BR17, BR05 [Pisanianuridae, Pisanianurinae]
`–*P. inflata (Brocchi 1814) [=Murex inflatus] BR17

Argobuccinum Herrmannsen 1846 BR05 [incl. Paralagena Dall 1904 H08, Priene Adams & Adams 1858 F27; Argobuccininae]

Argobuccinum succinctum (Linnaeus 1771) H09 [=Murex succinctus H09, A. (*Paralagena) succinctum H08; incl. M. clandestinus Chemnitz 1795 H08]

Charonia Gistel 1847 S11, BR05 [=Triton Montfort 1810 nec Linnaeus 1758 nec Laurenti 1768 BR05, Tritonium Röding 1798 non Müller 1776 BR05; Charoniacea, Charoniidae BR17, Charoniinae, Tritoniacea, Tritonidae, Tritoninae]

*Charonia tritonis (Linnaeus 1758) P61, BW09 [=Murex tritonis BR05, Nyctilochus tritonis BR05, Septa tritonis H09, *Triton tritonis BR17, *Tritonium tritonis BR17]

Fusitriton oregonensis (Redfield 1848) O27 [=Triton oregonensis O27, Argobuccinum (Fusitriton) oregonense O27, Priene oregonensis C64, Tritonium oregonense C64]

*Gyrineum gyrinum (Linnaeus 1758) BR17 [=Murex gyrinus BR17, Bursa gyrina H09, Ranella gyrina BR05]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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