Probable specimen of Sibariops, photographed by Mike Quinn.

Belongs within: Conoderinae.

The Torcina is a group of weevils with a parallel-sided and relatively slender body.

    |--Microtorcus tubulatus Casey 1922D09
    |--Sibariopsida docilis Casey 1922D09
    |    |--A. argenteus Hustache 1949H49
    |    `--A. densus Casey 1922D09
    |--Torcobius Casey 1922D09
    |    |--T. inflatirostris Hustache 1949H49
    |    `--T. subfasciatus Hustache 1949H49
    |    |--P. cylindricus Hustache 1949H49
    |    |--P. glabriceps Hustache 1949H49
    |    |--P. longirostris Hustache 1949H49
    |    `--P. rufipes Hustache 1949D09
    |    |--T. cinereus Hustache 1949H49
    |    |--T. nigricornisH49
    |    |--T. nigrinus Hustache 1939D09
    |    |--T. nitidulus Hustache 1939L18
    |    |--‘Sibariops’ pilipennisH49
    |    `--T. variabilis Hustache 1939D09
    `--Sibariops Casey 1920A02
         |--S. angusta Casey 1922 [incl. S. subtilis Casey 1922]K83
         |--S. brevipilis Hustache 1949H49
         |--S. concinnus (LeConte 1876)D09
         |--S. concurrens (Casey 1892)D09
         |--S. piceipes Casey 1922 [incl. S. finitima Casey 1922, S. intermedia Casey 1922]K83
         |--S. praedata Hustache 1949K83, H49 [=S. praedaltaK83]
         `--S. pusilla Hustache 1949H49

*Type species of generic name indicated


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