Torrenticola sp., copyright Andrea Radwell.

Belongs within: Neohydrachnidia.

The Torrenticolidae are a group of heavily sclerotised, dorsoventrally flattened mites found mostly in springs and streams. Larvae, where known, are parasites of Chironomidae (Walter et al. 2009).

Characters (from Walter et al. 2009): Adults with dorsal and ventral shields present; either with gonopore bearing six pairs of genital acetabula and dorsal shield consisting of large posterior plate and one or two pairs of anterior platelets (in rare cases anterior plates fused with posterior plate but suture lines evident) or with gonopore bearing three pairs of genital acetabula and dorsal shield consisting of central plate surrounded by several pairs of platelets. Larvae with cheliceral bases fused; dorsal plate bearing four pairs of setae (verticils and scapulars) or five pairs including verticils, scapulars and setae d1 laterally; coxal plates I extending posteriorly only to level of insertion of legs III or fused with plates II; coxal plates III bearing two pairs of setae, including setae 3a, and setae pa posteromedially; excretory pore plate bearing only setae ps1 and ps2; legs with five movable segments; leg tarsi bearing paired claws; tibiae I-III bearing eight setae, and two, two and one solenidia respectively; tarsi I-II bearing thirteen setae and one solenidion, including Ta14.

    |--Testudacarus [Testudacarinae]WL09
    |    `--T. americanusWL09
    |--Neoatractides Lundblad 1941RFF05 [NeoatractidinaeWL09]
    |    |--N. formosus Lundblad 1941RFF05
    |    `--N. inachus Lundblad 1941RFF05
         |--Pseudotorrenticola rhynchota Walter 1906WL09, VBB91
         `--Torrenticola Piersig 1896RFF05
              |  i. s.: T. amplexaGS91
              |         T. anomalaGS91
              |         T. brevirostris (Halbert 1911)VBB91
              |         T. cavifronsGS96
              |         T. crenobiaGS96
              |         T. elipticaS86
              |         T. hyporheicaGS96
              |         T. indistinctaDPD16
              |         T. kotooma Cook 1986H98
              |         T. lativalvataGS96
              |         T. meridionalisGS96
              |         T. minutirostrisGS96
              |         T. serratipalpisGS96
              |--T. (Torrenticola)RFF05
              |    |--T. (T.) amala Cook 1980S86
              |    |--T. (T.) columbiana (Lundblad 1941)RFF05
              |    |--T. (T.) conirostris (Lundblad 1941)RFF05
              |    |--T. (T.) jeanneli (Motas & Tanasachi 1947)S86
              |    |--T. (T.) latipalpis Imamura 1959S86
              |    |--T. (T.) madritensis (Viets 1930)S86
              |    |--T. (T.) microdentifera Cook 1967S86
              |    |--T. (T.) ramigera (Szalay 1947)S86
              |    |--T. (T.) subterranea Imamura 1957S86
              |    |--T. (T.) ungeri (Szalay 1927) [incl. T. ungeri disparilis (Walter 1947), T. lundbladi Viets 1930]S86
              |    `--T. (T.) vaga (Szalay 1947)S86
              |--T. (Heteratractides Lundblad 1941)RFF05
              |    `--T. (H.) serratirostris (Lundblad 1941)RFF05
              |--T. (Megapalpis Halbert 1944)V05
              |    |--T. (M.) eureka Valdecasas 2005V05
              |    |--T. (M.) andrei (Angelier 1950)V05
              |    |--T. (M.) distans Viets 1981V05
              |    |--T. (M.) fagei (Angelier 1949)V05
              |    |--T. (M.) jasminae Bader 1988V05
              |    |--T. (M.) macerirostris Viets 1981V05
              |    |--T. (M.) pugionirostris (Viets 1939)V05
              |    |--T. (M.) remyi (Angelier 1954)V05
              |    |--T. (M.) rhampha (Lundblad 1941)V05
              |    |    |--T. r. rhamphaV05
              |    |    `--T. r. malayensis Wiles 1997V05
              |    |--T. (M.) tenuirostris (Viets 1936)V05
              |    |--T. (M.) thori (Halbert 1944)V05
              |    `--T. (M.) trinacriae Di Sabatino & Cicolani 1990V05
              `--T. (Monatractides Viets 1926)RFF05
                   |--T. (M.) australica Cook 1986G01, H98
                   |--T. (M.) brevis (Lundblad 1941)RFF05
                   |    |--T. b. brevisRFF05
                   |    `--T. b. clavipes Lundblad 1953RFF05
                   |--T. (M.) hesperia (Lundblad 1941)RFF05
                   `--T. (M.) pusta (Cook 1967) [=Monatractides pusta]S86

*Type species of generic name indicated


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