Female Torymoides kiesenwetteri, photographed by El Gritche.

Belongs within: Chalcidoidea.
Contains: Monodontomerini, Podagrionini, Torymini, Microdontomerini.

The Toryminae as recognised herein was supported as monophyletic in the molecular phylogenetic analysis of Chalcidoidea by Heraty et al. (2013); it had been treated as two separate subfamilies Toryminae and Monodontomerinae by Bouček (1988). The majority of members of this clade are parasitic; many are metallic in coloration. Members of the Podagrionini and Chrysochalcissini have enlarged hind femora with a number of ventral teeth; a single ventral tooth may be present on a less enlarged hind femur in Monodontomerini and Microdontomerini. The Podagrionini are parasites of mantis oothecae (Bouček 1988).

<==Torymidae [Callimonidae]HB13
    `--Toryminae [Monodontomerinae, Torymoidini]HB13
         |  i. s.: Odopoia Walker 1871 (see below for synonymy)B88
         |           |--*O. atraB88
         |           |--O. dentatinota (Girault 1925) [=*Australtorymus dentatinotus; incl. *Ua maria Girault 1929]B88
         |           |--O. josephinae Bouček 1988B88
         |           `--O. philippiae [=*Pauliana philippiae]B88
         |--Chalcimerus [Chalcimerini]B88
         |    `--C. borceaiHB13
         |--+--Platykula albihirtaMH11
         |  `--Boucekinus tatianaeMH11
         `--+--Glyphomerus stigmaHB13
               |  `--+--PodagrioniniHB13
               |     `--PalachiiniHB13
               |          |--Palachia hayatiMH11
               |          `--Propalachia borneanaHB13
                  |  `--PseudotorymusHB13
                  |       |--P. lazulellusGZ96
                  |       `--P. sapphyrinusHB13
                     `--Echthrodape Burks 1969HB13, B88 [Echthrodapinae]
                          |--*E. africanaB88
                          `--E. papuana Bouček 1988B88
Torymidae incertae sedis:
  Eotorymites Hong 2002H02
    `--*E. chloribrunneus Hong 2002H02
  Huaxiatorymus Hong 2002H02
    `--*H. castaneus Hong 2002H02
  Leptotorymites Hong 2002H02
    `--*L. xilutianensis Hong 2002H02
  Eomonodontomerites Hong 2002H02
    `--*E. azulichloriticus Hong 2002H02
    |--I. silybi Askew 2004F05
    `--I. urospermi Askew 2004F05
  Palaeotorymus renzii (Peñalver & Engel 2006) [=Perilampus renzii]HD09
  Neopalachia bouceki Grissell 1980P92
  Zophodetus Grissell 1980P92
    `--*Z. woodruffi Grissell 1980P92

Odopoia Walker 1871 [incl. Australtorymus Girault 1925, Pauliana Risbec 1952, Ua Girault 1929; Odopoiini]B88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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