Equatorial section and external views of Tournayella spectabilis, from Loeblich & Tappan (1964).

Belongs within: Endothyroida.

The Tournayellidae are a group of planispiral Foraminifera known from the Upper Devonian to the Upper Permian (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Test free, proloculus followed by planispirally enrolled tubular second chamber, subseptate, with slight protuberances or incipient septa forming pseudochambers; wall calcareous, granular, and may have agglutinated inclusions; aperture simple or cribrate.

<==Tournayellidae [Forschiidae, Forshiinae, Teurnayellidae, Tournauellinae]LT64
    |  i. s.: Gourisina Reichel 1945LT64
    |           `--*G. broennimanni Reichel 1945LT64
    |         Chernobaculites Conil & Lys 1977HW93
    |    |--Forschia Mikhailov 1953R-CB96
    |    |    `--*F. mikhailovi Dain 1953R-CB96 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--Conilites Vdovenko 1970R-CB96
    |    |    `--*C. dinantii (Conil & Lys 1964) [=Ammobaculites dinantii]R-CB96
    |    |--Forschiella Mikhailov 1935R-CB96
    |    |    `--*F. prisca Mikhailov 1935R-CB96
    |    `--Viseina Conil & Lys 1977R-CB96
    |         `--*V. conspecta (Conil & Lys 1967) [=Septatournayella conspecta]R-CB96
         |--Carbonella Dain 1953 [incl. Lechangia Lin 1981]R-CB96
         |    `--*C. spectabilis Dain 1953R-CB96 [=Tournayella spectabilisLT64]
         |--Eoforschia Mamet 1970R-CB96
         |    `--*E. moelleri (Malakhova 1953) [=Tournayella moelleri]R-CB96
         |--Eoseptatournayella Lipina 1963R-CB96
         |    `--*E. rauserae (Lipina 1955) [=Septatournayella rauserae]R-CB96
         |--Eblanaia Conil & Marchant 1976–1977R-CB96
         |    `--*E. michoti (Conil & Lys 1964) [=Plectogyra michoti]R-CB96
         |--Rectoseptatournayella Brazhnikova & Rostovceva 1963R-CB96
         |    `--*R. stylaensis Brazhnikova & Rostovceva 1963R-CB96
         |--Spinotournayella Mamet 1970R-CB96
         |    `--*S. tumula [=Plectogyra tumula]R-CB96
         |--Septaforschia Conil & Lys 1977R-CB96
         |    |--*S. (Septaforschia) questita [=Tournayella questita]R-CB96
         |    `--S. (Uviella Ganelina 1956R-CB96
         |         `--S. (*U.) aborigena (Ganelina 1956) [=*Uviella aborigena]R-CB96
         |--Tournayella Dain 1953R-CB96 [incl. Cepekia Vašíček & Ružička 1957LT64]
         |    |  i. s.: T. cepeki (Vašíček & Ružička 1957) [=*Cepekia cepeki]LT64
         |    |--*T. (Tournayella) discoidea Dain 1953R-CB96
         |    `--T. (Costayella Conil & Lys 1977)R-CB96
         |         `--T. (*C.) costata Lipina 1955R-CB96
         `--Septatournayella Lipina 1955R-CB96
              |--*S. (Septatournayella) segmentata (Dain 1953) [=Tournayella segmentata]R-CB96
              |--S. (Neoseptatournayella Bogush 1980)R-CB96
              |    `--S. (*N.) ‘evoluta’ (Lebedeva 1954) (see below for synonymy)R-CB96
              `--S. (Pohlia Conil & Lys 1977 non Hedw. 1801 [ICBN])R-CB96
                   `--S. (*P.) henbestiR-CB96

*Forschia mikhailovi Dain 1953R-CB96 [=Spirillina subangulata Mihajlov 1939 non Moeller 1880R-CB96, *F. subangulataLT64, S. angulata (l. c.)LT64]

Septatournayella (*Neoseptatournayella) ‘evoluta’ (Lebedeva 1954) [=Endothyra evoluta non E. spirilliniformis var. evoluta Reitlinger 1950]R-CB96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[HW93] Hart, M. B., & C. L. Williams. 1993. Protozoa. In: Benton, M. J. (ed.) The Fossil Record 2 pp. 43–70. Chapman & Hall: London.

[LT64] Loeblich, A. R., Jr & H. Tappan. 1964. Sarcodina: chiefly “thecamoebians” and Foraminiferida. In: Moore, R. C. (ed.) Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt C. Protista 2 vol. 1. The Geological Society of America and The University of Kansas Press.

[R-CB96] Rauzer-Chernousova, D. M., F. R. Bensh, M. V. Vdovenko, N. B. Gibshman, E. Y. Leven, O. A. Lipina, E. A. Reitlinger, M. N. Solovieva & I. O. Chedija. 1996. Spravočnik po Sistematike Foraminifer Paleozoâ (Èndotiroidy, Fuzulinoidy). Rossijskaâ Akademiâ Nauk, Geologičeskij Institut, Moskva “Nauka”.

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