Venter (left) and dorsum of Hemipteroseius indicus, from Krantz & Khot (1962).

Belongs within: Phytoseioidea.

The Treatiinae are a group of parasitic bugs found under the hemelytra of various Heteroptera. Heavy infestations of Hemipteroseius indicus have been known to kill the red cotton bug Dysdercus koenigii (Lindquist et al. 2009).

    |--Hemipteroseius Evans 1963LKW09, FH93
    |    |--*H. womersleyi Evans 1963T65
    |    `--H. indicus (Krantz & Khot 1962) [=Treatia indica]T65
    |--Nabiseius Chant & Lindiquist 1965LKW09, H98
    |    |--N. duplicisetus Chant & Lindquist 1965FH93
    |    `--N. melinae Halliday 1994H98
    `--Treatia Krantz & Khot 1962 [incl. Entomoseius Chant 1965]FH93
         |--*T. phytoseioides (Baker & Johnston 1959)KK62, FH93 [=Laelaptonyssus phytoseioidesFH93]
         |--T. ageneia (Treat 1965) [=Hemipteroseius ageneius]FH93
         |--T. antillea (Treat 1965) [=Hemipteroseius antilleus]FH93
         |--T. dysderci Evans 1963FH93
         |--T. parvula (Treat 1965) [=Hemipteroseius parvulus]FH93
         `--T. sabbatica (Treat 1965) [=Hemipteroseius sabbaticus]FH93

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[T65] Treat, A. E. 1965. Otopheidomenids from the Antilles and elsewhere. Acarologia 7 (1): 1–16.

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