Pogonus texanus, copyright Mike Quinn.

Belongs within: Conjunctae.
Contains: Trechini, Bembidiini, Merizodinae.

The Trechinae are small to medium-sized carabid beetles with a single seta in the mandibular scrobe. Among the tribes of this subfamily, the Pogonini have broad, shallow frontal grooves that do not extend as far as the posterior margin of the eyes, and a single seta on the dorsal surface of each tarsomere (Ball & Bousquet 2001). Pogonus is a cosmopolitan genus of pogonins found in saline habitats such as along coastlines or around salt lakes. They have three pairs of setae on the submentum, an entire and regular basal ridge on the elytra, and are mostly black with a metallic luster (Ball & Bousquet 2001).

Characters (from Ball & Bousquet 2001): Size very small to moderate (total length about 0.7–10 mm); head capsule ventrally without antennal grooves; antennal insertions laterad, each between base of mandible and anterior margin of eye; antenna filiform, antennomeres 11, antennomeres 2–4 not nodose, 2–6 without unusually long setae; labrum with six setae; mandible with scrobe unisetose, occlusal margin with one terebral tooth, retinacular tooth about size of terebral tooth, not enlarged and molariform; terminal palpomeres various, subulate or not; body pedunculate (with mesothorax and extreme base of elytra markedly constricted) or not; pterothorax with mesonotal scutellum dorsally evident, not concealed beneath elytra; front coxal cavities closed, front coxal cavities closed by projection of proepimeron into cavity each side of lateral projection of prosternum, middle coxal cavities conjunct-confluent, hind coxal cavities lobate (disjunct)-confluent; elytra extended to apex of abdominal tergum VIII, apical margins subsinuate, dorsally striate (more or less) or smooth; metathoracic wings long (macropterous) or short (brachypterous); front tibia emarginate-anisochaete; abdomen with six (II–VII) pregenital sterna normally exposed, sterna III and IV separated by suture; male genitalia with parameres similar in form and size, setose apically; ovipositor with gonocoxae rotated 90° in repose, with or without ramus, gonocoxa of two gonocoxites, gonocoxite 2 without accessory lobe; reproductive tract with spermatheca 1, without spermatheca 2; secretions of pygidial glands various hydrocarbons, higher saturated or unsaturated acids, aliphatic ketones, saturated esters, and formic acid.

| `--+--BembidiiniR-JC01
| `--MerizodinaeR-JC01
`--Pogonini [Pogoninae]R-JC01
| i. s.: PachydesusOM08
| Thalassotrechus Van Dyke 1918 [incl. Anatrechus Casey 1918]BB01
| `--T. barbarae (Horn 1892)BB01
| Pogonistes Chaudoir 1871BB01
|--Octhozetus bicolorR-JC01
`--+--Diplochaetus Chaudoir 1871R-JC01, BB01
| |--D. planatus (Horn 1876) [=Pogonistes planatus]BB01
| `--D. rutilus (Chevrolat 1863)BB01
`--Pogonus Dejean 1821R-JC01, B10
|--*P. chalceus (Marsham 1802) [=Carabus chalceus]B10
|--P. australis Chaudoir 1878B10
|--P. cardiotrachelus Chaudoir 1871B10
|--P. dichrous Baehr 2010B10
|--P. diplochaetoides Baehr 1997B10
|--P. dostali Baehr 2010B10
|--P. fenelli Hudson 2000B10
|--P. gilesi Moore 1977LM87
|--P. grossi Moore 1977LM87
|--P. hypharpagioides Sloane 1895LM87
|--P. meridionalisR26
|--P. nigrescens Baehr 1984B10
|--P. orientalisG89
|--P. pallidipennisM91
|--P. sumlini Baehr 1999B10
|--P. texanus Chaudoir 1868BB01
|--P. variabilis Moore 1991B10
`--P. zietzi Sloane 1895B10

*Type species of generic name indicated


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