Trechus quadristriatus, copyright Nikolai Vladimirov.

Belongs within: Trechinae.

The Trechini are typically small carabid beetles with broad, curved frontal grooves on the head (Roig-Juñent & Cicchino 2001).

Characters (from Roig-Juñent & Cicchino 2001): Head dorsally with frontal grooves curved, expanded to genae and ventral surface, at middle distance between eye and adjacent groove subequal to distance between grooves; two supraorbital setae on each side; maxillary palpomere 3 not densely pubescent; terminal maxillary and labial palpomeres not much smaller than penultimate palpomeres; glossal sclerite with six or more setae; antennal cleaner anisochaetus and setal band that is divided into large distal region and proximal cleaning arc, anterior row of setae absent, channel deep, short, median expansion well-developed anteriorly, tibia compressed anterioposteriorly; anterior tarsi with squamosetae in single row on long axis, with shafts distinct dorsoventrally, flattened distally, and laterally extended into almost rectangular parallel plates.

    |--Kenodactylus [Aepina]R-JC01
    |    `--K. audouiniR-JC01
    `--+--Aemalodera [Homaloderina]R-JC01
       |    `--A. centromaculataR-JC01
            |--Trechisibus antarcticusR-JC01
            `--Trechus Clairville 1806BB01
                 |  i. s.: T. amplicollis Fairmaire 1859OT05
                 |         T. angusticollisOT05
                 |         T. apoduvalipenis Salgado & Ortuño 1998OT05
                 |         T. austriacusOT05
                 |         T. barnevillei Pandellé 1867OT05
                 |         T. collarisR26
                 |         T. distigmaOT05
                 |         T. escalerai Abeille 1903OT05
                 |         T. fulvusR26
                 |         T. marcilhaci Pham 1987OT05
                 |         T. pandelleiOT05
                 |         T. pieltaini Jeannel 1920OT05
                 |         T. pisuenensis Ortuño & Toribio 2005F05
                 |         T. pyrenaeusOT05
                 |         T. saxicola Putzeys 1870OT05
                 |           |--T. s. saxicolaOT05
                 |           `--T. s. desbordesi Gaudin in Colas & Gaudin 1935OT05
                 |         T. tingitanusOT05
                 |         T. uhagoniOT05
                 |--T. (Trechus)BB01
                 |    |--T. (T.) apicalis Motschulsky 1845BB01
                 |    |--T. (T.) obtusus Erichson 1837BB01
                 |    |--T. (T.) quadristriatus (Schrank 1781)BB01
                 |    `--T. (T.) rubens (Fabricius 1801)BB01 [=Harpalus (T.) rubensG20]
                 `--T. (Microtrechus Jeannel 1927)BB01
Trechini incertae sedis:
  Paradivalius netolitzkyi Müller 1909PN02
  Neotrechus dalmatinus (Miller 1861)PN02
  Trechoblemus seriesBB01
    |--Pseudanophthalmus Jeannel 1920 [incl. Aphanotrechus Barr 1960]BB01
    |--Nelsonites Casale & Laneyrie 1982BB01
    |--Blemus Dejean 1821 [incl. Lasiotrechus Ganglbauer 1892]BB01
    |    `--B. discus (Fabricius 1792)BB01 [=Lasiotrechus discusB90]
    |--Neaphaenops Jeannel 1920BB01
    |    `--N. tellkampfi (Erichson 1844)BB01
    `--Trechoblemus Ganglbauer 1892BB01
         |--T. micros (Herbst 1784)BB01
         `--T. westcotti Barr 1972BB01
  Trechimorphus Jeannel 1927B74, LM87
    |--*T. diemenensis (Bates 1878) [=Trechus diemenensis]LM87
    |--T. apterus Moore 1972LM87
    |--T. brunneus Moore 1972LM87
    |--T. semipunctatus Moore 1972LM87
    |--T. solidior (Blackburn 1901) [=Trechus solidior]LM87
    `--T. westraliensis Moore 1972LM87
  Eutrechus Moore 1972B74, LM87
    |--*E. otwayensis (Moore 1960) [=Sloanella otwayensis]LM87
    |--E. barringtonensis Moore 1972LM87
    |--E. coxi (Sloane 1911) [=Trechus coxi]LM87
    `--E. gippslandicus (Sloane 1923) [=Trechus gippslandicus]LM87
  Darlingtonea seriesBB01
    |--Darlingtonea Valentine 1952BB01
    |    `--D. kentuckensis Valentine 1952BB01
    `--Ameroduvalius Valentine 1952BB01
         `--A. jeanneli Valentine 1952BB01
  Xenotrechus Barr & Krekeler 1967BB01
  Anophthalmus Sturm 1844BB01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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