Colony of Trentepohlia aurea on limestone wall, copyright Malcolm Storey.

Belongs within: Tetraphytae.

The Trentepohliales are a group of algae found in terrestrial habitats, such as among soil or rocks, in association with fungi to form lichens, or as epiphytes or parasites on plants.

Characters (from López-Bautista, Waters & Chapman 2002): Thallus usually developing a filamentous structure forming either uniseriated, branched, erect tufts or laterally coherent, prostrate discs; sometimes highly reduced, producing short vegetative filament a few cells in length. Cells uni- or multinucleate, with several parietal chloroplasts that can be discoid or band-shaped, sometimes appearing reticulate; pyrenoids absent; ß-carotene and haematochrome (astaxanthin) present, coloring thallus yellow, orange, or red; cell walls transverse with plasmodesmata. Reproduction by asexual quadriflagellate zoospores or sexual biflagellate gametes; flagellate cells strongly compressed dorsiventrally. Flagellar apparatus with pair of columnar structures resembling multilayered structures (MLS) of Charales; four microtubular roots present, appressed to basal bodies; each flagellum bearing bilateral wing-like structures.

    `--Trentepohlia Mart. 1817 [incl. Byssus Linnaeus 1753 (nom. rej. prop.), Tophora Fr. 1825; Trentepohliaceae]KC01
         |  i. s.: T. iolithusL-BWC03
         |         T. odorataL-BC03
         |--T. dialeptaL-BC03
         `--+--Cephaleuros Kunze 1832L-BC03, KC01 [incl. Busseella Henn. 1902KC01]
            |    |--C. parasiticusL-BC03 [=Mycoidea parasiticaKC01]
            |    `--C. virescensL-BC03
            `--+--T. aureaL-BC03 [=Byssus aureaBS-V28]
               `--+--T. arborumL-BC03
                  `--Physolinum monileL-BC03

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BS-V28] Bory de Saint-Vincent, J. B. 1828. Voyage Autour du Monde, Exécuté par Ordre du Roi, Sur la Corvette de Sa Majesté, La Coquille, pendant les années 1822, 1823, 1824 et 1825. Botanique. Cryptogamie. Arthus Bertrand: Paris.

[KC01] Kirk, P. M., P. F. Cannon, J. C. David & J. A. Stalpers. 2001. Ainsworth & Bisby’s Dictionary of the Fungi 9th ed. CAB International: Wallingford (UK).

[L-BC03] López-Bautista, J. M., & R. L. Chapman. 2003. Phylogenetic affinities of the Trentepohliales inferred from small-subunit rDNA. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 2099–2106.

[L-BWC03] López-Bautista, J. M., D. A. Waters & R. L. Chapman. 2003. Phragmoplastin, green algae and the evolution of cytokinesis. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 53: 1715–1718.

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