Tetroxyrhina sauteri, from Shi et al. (2017).

Belongs within: Lauxaniidae.

The Trigonometopini are a group of lauxaniid flies with an elongate head bearing broad, setose fronto-orbital plates (Papp 2007).

Characters (from Papp 2007): Body yellow, ochre, seldom dark. Head elongated, usually longer than high. Broad, setose fronto-orbital plates present. Anterior orbital seta reclinate, inclinate or absent. Ocellar setae mostly absent or minute, seldom strong. Postocellars normal, minute or absent. Cheek and gena usually without a separate row of setae. Facial keel distinct or not developed. Scape with or without a strong ventroapical seta. First flagellomere various: short and rounded or long with sharp apex. Thorax more or less elongated. Posthumeral setae present or absent. 0–1 + 2–3 dorsocentral pairs. One or two pairs of katepisternals. Acrostichals absent, two-seriate, four-seriate or present in two, not well-ordered rows. Wings clear or with diffuse brown spots. Stronger costal fringe restricted to a short proximal part of the R2+3–R4+5 section, or this section is completely free of stronger fringe. Abdomen never much flattened. Tergite 7 (“protandrium”) fused to epandrium, at least centrally. Tergite 6 ocassionally also fused to tergite 7 centrally. Male genitalia surprisingly uniform: no surstylus or distinct surstylar lobe on epandrium (that is mostly rounded apically). Dorsal wall of male genital pouch membranous, rarely a distinct, sclerotised, supragenital (subepandrial) sclerite present. Gonites mostly fused (at least partly) to hypandrium. Phallapodeme (aedeagal apodeme) usually short, rod-like in ventral view, sometimes forming a lamella sitting on thicker ventral lath. Ejaculatory apodeme significant. Phallus (aedeagus) wholly membranous. Female genitalia with three spermathecae.

<==Trigonometopini P07
|–Kerteszomyia Malloch 1929 P07
|    `–*K. maculifrons (Malloch 1929) [=Trigonometopus maculifrons] P07
|–Neotrigonometopus Malloch 1928 P07
|    |–*N. fuscifrons (Malloch 1926) [=Trigonometopus fuscifrons] P07
|    |–N. albibasis (Malloch 1928) [=Trigonometopus (Neotrigonometopus) albibasis] P07
|    `–N. breviceps (Hennig 1948) P07
|–Trigonometopsis Malloch 1925 P07
|    |–*T. binotata (Thomson 1869) [=Oxyrhina binotata] P07
|    |–T. abnormis Shatalkin 1999 P07
|    `–T. punctipennis Malloch 1929 P07
|–Trigonometopus Macquart 1835 P08
|    |–*T. frontalis (Meigen 1830) [=Tetanocera frontalis] P07
|    |–T. canus De Meijere 1916 P07
|    |–T. eborifacies Shatalkin 1997 P07
|    `–T. vittatus S87
|–Protrigonometopus Hendel 1938 P07
|    |–*P. maculifrons Hendel 1938 P07
|    |–P. ornatus Papp 2007 P07
|    |–P. sexlituris (Shatalkin 1992) [=Sapromyxa sexlituris] P07
|    `–P. shatalkini Papp 2007 P07
|–Shaltalkinella Papp 2007 P07
|    |–*S. marginata Papp 2007 P07
|    |–S. deceptor (Malloch 1927) [=Sapromyza deceptor] P07
|    |–S. okinawanus (Shatalkin 1998) [=Protrigonometopus okinawanus, Trigonometopsis okinawanus] P07
|    |–S. punctipennis Papp 2007 P07
|    |–S. ronkayi Papp 2007 P07
|    `–S. thailandica Papp 2007 P07
|–Luzonomyza Malloch 1929 P07
|    |–*L. bakeri (Bezzi 1913) [=Trigonometopus bakeri] P07
|    |–L. japonica (Sasakawa 2002) [=Trigonometopus (Luzonomyia) japonica] P07
|    |–L. nigripalpis (Shatalkin 1997) [=Trigonometopus (Tetroxyrhina) nigripalpis] P07
|    |–L. pseudoforficula Papp 2007 P07
|    |–L. sasakawai Papp 2007 P07
|    |–L. sinica Shatalkin 1998 P07
|    `–L. vietnamensis Papp 2007 P07
|–Maquilingia Malloch 1929 P07
|    |–*M. hirticeps Malloch 1929 P07
|    |–M. biroi Papp 2007 P07
|    |–M. facialis Malloch 1929 P07
|    |–M. malaita Curran 1936 P07
|    |–M. matema Curran 1936 P07
|    |–M. serristylis Sasakawa 2003 P07
|    `–M. thaii Papp 2007 P07
|–Diplochasma Knab 1914 P08
|    |–D. (Diplochasma) P08
|    |    |–*D. (D.) monochaeta (Hendel 1909) [=Trigonometopus monochaeta] P08
|    |    `–D. (D.) australis Papp 2007 P07
|    `–D. (Sauteromyia Malloch 1927) P08
|         |–D. (*S.) alboapicata (Malloch 1927) [=*Sauteromyia alboapicata] P08
|         |–D. (S.) albomarginata Papp 2008 P08
|         |–D. (S.) aphaniosignata Papp 2008 P08
|         |–D. (S.) clara Papp 2008 P08
|         |–D. (S.) occidentalis Papp 2008 P08
|         |–D. (S.) punctata Papp 2008 P08
|         |–D. (S.) shewelli Papp 2008 P08
|         |–D. (S.) stuckenbergi Papp 2008 P08
|         `–D. (S.) variegata Papp 2008 P08
`–Tetroxyrhina Hendel 1938 P07
|–*T. submaculipennis (Malloch 1927) [=Trigonometopus submaculipennis] P07
|–T. albiseta (Bezzi 1913) [=Trigonometopus albiseta] P07
|–T. alboapicalis (Shatalkin 1997) [=Trigonometopus alboapicalis] P07
|–T. brevicornis (De Meijere 1911) [=Trigonometopus brevicornis] P07
|–T. brunneicosta (Malloch 1927) [=Trigonometopus brunneicosta] P07
|–T. cuneata (Shatalkin 1997) [=Trigonometopus cuneatus] P07
|–T. forficula (Shatalkin 1997) [=Trigonometopus forficula] P07
|–T. gressitti (Sasakawa 2002) [=Trigonometopus gressitti] P07
|–T. interrupta (Sasakawa 2005) [=Luzonomyza (Tetroxyrhina) interrupta] P07
|–T. peregovitsi Papp 2007 P07
|–T. sauteri (Hendel 1912) [=Trigonometopus sauteri, Diplochasma sauteri] P08
|–T. tinctipennis (De Meijere 1924) [=Trigonometopus tinctipennis] P07
`–T. zeylanica (Senior-White 1921) [=Trigonometopus zeylanicus] P07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[P07] Papp, L. 2007. A review of the Old World Trigonometopini Becker (Diptera: Lauxaniidae). Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 99: 129–169.

[P08] Papp, L. 2008. Afrotropical species of the genus Diplochasma, subgenus Sauteromyia (Diptera: Lauxaniidae). Annales Historico-Naturales Musei Nationalis Hungarici 100: 307–330.

[S87] Shewell, G. E. 1987. Lauxaniidae. In: McAlpine, J. F. (ed.) Manual of Nearctic Diptera vol. 2 pp. 951–964. Research Branch, Agriculture Canada.

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