Reconstruction of Anthracomartus, from Fritsch (2004).

Belongs within: Euchelicerata.

The Trigonotarbida are a group of fossil arachnids known from the late Silurian to early Permian (Dunlop & Selden 2004).

Characters (from Dunlop & Selden 2004): Opisthosoma with nine dorsal tergites divided into median and lateral plates; tergites 2 and 3 commonly fused into single macrotergite; two pairs of book-lungs present.

<==Trigonotarbida [Anthracomarti]
    |  i. s.: Palaeotarbus jerami (Dunlop 1996)H02
    |--Lissomartus Petrunkevitch 1949 [Lissomartidae]RDS03
    |--KreischeriaF04 [KreischeriidaeDS04]
    |    `--K. wiedeiF04
    |    |--Arianrhoda Dunlop & Selden 2004DS04
    |    |    `--*A. bennetti Dunlop & Selden 2004DS04
    |    `--Anthracosiro Pocock 1903DS04
    |         |--A. fritschi Pocock 1903F04
    |         `--A. woodwardi Pocock 1903F04
    |    |--TrigonotarbusDR02
    |    |    |--T. arnoldi Petrunkevitch 1955DR02
    |    |    `--T. johnsoni Pocock 1911S93
    |    `--Archaeomartus Størmer 1970S93, DS04
    |         |--A. levis Størmer 1970S93
    |         `--A. tuberculatus Størmer 1970S93
    |    |--Alkenia Størmer 1970DS04
    |    |    `--A. mirabilis Størmer 1970DS04
    |    `--Aphantomartus Pocock 1911RDS03
    |         |--*A. areolatus Pocock 1911RDS03
    |         |--A. ilfeldicus (Scharf 1924) [=Eophrynus ilfeldicus]RDS03
    |         `--A. pustulatus (Scudder 1884)RDS03
    |    |--Gilboarachne griersoni Shear et al. 1987S93
    |    |--Aculeatarbus depressus Shear et al. 1987S93
    |    |--Palaeocharinus Hirst 1923DS04
    |    |    |--P. calmani Hirst 1923S93
    |    |    |--P. kidstoni Hirst 1923S93
    |    |    |--P. rhyniensis Hirst 1923S93 [incl. P. hornei Hirst 1923GD14, S93]
    |    |    `--P. scourfieldi Hirst 1923S93
    |    `--GelasinotarbusS93
    |         |--G. bifidus Shear et al. 1987S93
    |         |--G. bonamoae Shear et al. 1987S93
    |         |--G. heptops Shear et al. 1987S93
    |         `--G. reticulatus Shear et al. 1987S93
    |    |--Adelocaris peruvianus  Packard 1889F04
    |    |--Pocononia whitei (Ewing 1930)S93
    |    |--Gondwanarachne argentinensis Pinto & Hünicken 1980S93
    |    |--Petrovicia Fritsch 1904F04
    |    |    `--*P. proditoria Fritsch 1904F04
    |    |--Hemikreischeria Fritsch 1904F04
    |    |    `--*H. thevenini Fritsch 1904 [=Kreischeria geinitzii Brongniart 1901 (n. n.)]F04
    |    |--StenotrogulusD07 [incl. Cyclotrogulus Fritsch 1904RDS03]
    |    |    |--S. salmii [=Eophrynus salmii]F04
    |    |    `--‘Eophrynus’ sturii Hasse 1890 [=Cyclotrogulus sturii]F04
    |    |--Eophrynus Woodward 1871RDS03
    |    |    |--E. prestvicii (Buckland 1837)GD14, H02 [=Curculioides prestviciiH02]
    |    |    `--E. scharfi Scharf 1924RDS03
    |    `--Hemiphrynus [Hemiphrynidae, Pleuraraneae]S93
    |         |--H. hofmanni Frič 1901S93
    |         `--H. longipes Frič 1901S93
    `--Anthracomartidae [Anthracomatida]DR02
         |--Maiocercus Pocock 1911DR02
         |--Coryphomartus Petrunkevitch 1913DR02
         |--Cleptomartus Petrunkevitch 1949DR02
         |--Cryptomartus Petrunkevitch 1949DR02
         |--Oomartus Petrunkevitch 1953DR02
         |--Pleomartus Petrunkevitch 1945DR02
         |    `--P. palatinus (Ammon 1901)S93
         |--Brachylycosa Fritsch 1904DR02
         |    `--*B. carcinoides [=Arthrolycosa carcinoides]F04
         |--Vratislavia Fritsch 1904F04
         |    `--*V. silesiaca (Röm. 1878) [=Architarbus silesiacus]F04
         |--Brachypyge Woodward 1878DR02
         |    |--B. carbonis Woodward 1878 [=Eophrynus carbonis]F04
         |    `--B. celtica Pocock 1902F04
         |--Promygale Fritsch 1901 [Promygalidae]DR02
         |    |--P. bohemicaF04
         |    |--P. elegansF04
         |    `--P. rotundataF04
         `--Anthracomartus Karsch 1882DR02
              |--*A. voelkelianus Karsch 1882DR02
              |--A. affinis Kušta 1885F04
              |--A. buchi (Goldenberg 1873) (n. d.)DR02
              |--A. granulatus Fritsch 1904DR02
              |--A. hageni (Goldenberg 1873) (n. d.)DR02
              |--A. hindiB86
              |--A. krejcii Kušta 1883F04
              |--A. minor Kušta 1885F04
              |--A. palatinus Ammon 1900F04
              |--A. socialis Kušta 1888F04
              `--A. trilobitus Scudder 1885F04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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