Triplectides similis, copyright Donald Hobern.

Belongs within: Leptoceridae.

Triplectides is a widespread genus of caddisflies, found in southern and eastern Asia, Australasia and the Neotropics, whose larvae commonly construct cases using a hollow stick or stem.

<==Triplectides Kolenati 1859N83
|--*T. gracilis (Burmeister 1839) [=Mystacides gracilis]N83
|--T. altenogus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. australicus Banks 1939 [=T. australica]N83
|--T. australis Navás 1934N83
|--T. bilobus Neboiss 1977N83
|--T. cephalotesPC66
|--T. ciuskus Mosely 1953 [=T. ciuska]N83
| |--T. c. ciuskusN83
| `--T. c. seductus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. dolabratus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. elongatus Banks 1939 [=T. elongata; incl. T. dubius Mosely 1953, T. dubius subalbidus Kimmins 1953]N83
|--T. enthesis Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. gilolensisN83
|--T. gonetalus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. hamatus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. helvolus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. insperatus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. liratellus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. liratus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. magnus (Walker 1852) (see below for synonymy)N83
|--T. niveipennis Mosely 1953N83
|--T. obsoletaPC66
|--T. parvus (Banks 1939) [=Notanatolica parva, T. parva]N83
|--T. prolatus Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. proximus Neboiss 1977N83
|--T. rossi Morse & Neboiss 1982N83
|--T. similis Mosely 1953N83
|--T. tambina Mosely 1953N83
|--T. truncatus Neboiss 1977N83
|--T. varius Kimmins 1953N83
`--T. volda Mosely 1953N83

Triplectides magnus (Walker 1852) [=Leptocerus magnus, Notanatolica magna, Triplectides magna; incl. Leptocerus canescens McLachlan 1862]N83

*Type species of generic name indicated


[N83] Neboiss, A. 1983. Checklist and bibliography of the Australian caddis-flies (Trichoptera). Australian Society for Limnology Special Publication 5: 1–132.

[PC66] Pendergrast, J. G., & D. R. Cowley. 1966. An Introduction to New Zealand Freshwater Insects. Collins: Auckland.

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