Marbled newt Triturus marmoratus, copyright John P. Clare.

Belongs within: Pleurodelinae.

Triturus is a western Palaearctic genus of relatively large newts, included the crested and marbled newt species groups.

Characters (from Rage & Bailon 2005): Vertebrae opisthocoelous; condyle round, not separated from the centrum by a marked constriction; centrum without vertical ventral crests; ventral crests that connect the centrum to the ventral rib-bearers developed; dorsal and ventral rib-bearers markedly separated and united by a bony lamina; neural arch vaulted; neural spine well developed.

<==Triturus Rafinesque 1815 [incl. Geotriton Bonaparte 1832; Geotritonidae]FG06
| i. s.: T. boscai (Lataste 1879)W08
| T. italicus (Peracca 1898)W08
| T. montandoniK08
| T. wolterstorffi (Boulenger 1905) [=Molge wolterstorffi, Cynops wolterstorffi, Hypselotriton wolterstorffi]L50
|--T. (Triturus) [incl. Neotriton Bolkay 1928]RB05
| |--+--T. (T.) marmoratus (Latreille 1800)PW11, RB05
| | `--T. (T.) pygmaeus (Wolterstorff 1905)PW11, RB05 [=T. marmoratus pygmaeusW08]
| `--+--T. (T.) dobrogicus (Kiritzescu 1903)PW11, W08
| `--+--T. (T.) carnifex (Laurent 1768)PW11, W08 [=T. cristatus carnifexK08]
| `--+--T. (T.) cristatus (Laurenti 1768)PW11, W08 [=Triton cristatusK08]
| | |--T. c. cristatusK08
| | `--T. c. danubialisK08
| `--T. (T.) karelinii (Strauch 1870)PW11, W08
`--T. (Palaeotriton) helveticus (Razoumowsky 1789)RB05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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