Trochammina inflata, copyright Dr. Fabrizio Frontalini and Prof. Rodolfo Coccioni.

Belongs within: Globothalamea.

The Trochamminidae are a group of trochospiral agglutinating foraminifera known from the Carboniferous to the present. In the Recent genus Remaneica, the chambers are internally subdivided by infoldings of the wall; the remaining genera (forming the subfamily Trochammininae) have the interior simple (Loeblich & Tappan 1964).

Characters (from Loeblich & Tappan 1964): Test free or attached, trochospiral; wall agglutinated; aperture interiomarginal or areal, single or multiple.

<==Trochamminidae [Artrochammidia, Trochamminacea, Trochamminae, Trochamminidea]
    |--Trochamminella Cushman 1943LT64 [TrochamminellinaeM13]
    |    `--*T. siphonifera Cushman 1943 [=Tritaxis siphonifera]LT64
    |--Arenoparrella Andersen 1951LT64 [ArenoparrellinaeM13]
    |    `--*A. mexicana (Kornfeld 1931) [=Trochammina inflata var. mexicana]LT64
    |--Entzia Daday 1883LT64 (see below for synonymy)
    |    |--*E. tetrastomella Daday 1883LT64
    |    |--*Trochamminisca’ cyclostoma Shchedrina 1955 [=Jadammina cyclostoma]LT64
    |    |--‘Jadammina’ macrescensPH03
    |    |--*Jadammina’ polystoma Bartenstein & Brand 1938LT64
    |    `--*Borovina’ zernovi Schmalgausen 1950LT64
    |--Ammogloborotaloides Kaminski & Contreras 2011 [Ammogloborotaloidinae]M13
         |--Siphotrochammina Saunders 1957LT64
         |    `--*S. lobata Saunders 1957LT64
         |--Tiphotrocha Saunders 1957LT64
         |    `--*T. comprimata (Cushman & Brönnimann 1948) [=Trochammina comprimata]LT64
         |--Trochamminula Shchedrina 1955LT64
         |    `--*T. fissuraperta Shchedrina 1955 [=Trochammina fissuraperta Shchedrina 1953 (n. n.)]LT64
         |--Arenonionella Marks 1951 [incl. Mendesia Petri 1962 non de Joannis 1902]LT64
         |    |--*A. voutei Marks 1951LT64
         |    `--*Mendesia’ minuta Petri 1962LT64
         |--Budashevaella Loeblich & Tappan 1964 [=Circus Voloshinova & Budasheva 1961 non Lacépède 1799]LT64
         |    |--*B. multicamerata (Voloshinova & Budasheva 1961) [=*Circus multicameratus]LT64
         |    `--B. symmetrica (Ujiié & Watanabe 1960) [=Trochammina symmetrica]H03
         `--Trochammina Parker & Jones 1859 (see below for synonymy)LT64
              |--*T. inflata (Montagu 1808) [=Nautilus inflatus]LT64
              |--T. arenosaC40
              |--T. charlottensis Cushman 1925H03
              |--T. diagonisC40
              |--*Rhaphidohelix’ elegans Möbius 1880 [=*Raphidohelix elegans]LT64
              |--T. globigeriniformis (Parker & Jones 1865)H03 (see below for synonymy)
              |--‘Lituola’ globigerinoides Perner 1892 [=*Glomerina globigerinoides]LT64
              |--T. glomerataBL79
              |--T. hadaiPHT13
              |--T. nipponica Asano 1953H03
              |--T. rotaliformisLT64
              `--T. squamataLT64

Entzia Daday 1883LT64 [incl. Borovina Schmalgausen 1950LT64, Jadammina Bartenstein & Brand 1938M13, Trochamminisca Shchedrina 1955LT64; JadammininaeM13]

Trochammina Parker & Jones 1859 [=Trochamina (l. c.); incl. Ammoglobigerina Eimer & Fickert 1899, Glomerina Franke 1928, Raphidohelix Goës 1882, Reussina Grzybowski 1896 non Neviani 1896, Rhaphidohelix Möbius 1880]LT64

Trochammina globigeriniformis (Parker & Jones 1865)H03 [=Lituola nautiloidea var. globigeriniformisH03; incl. *Ammoglobigerina bulloides Eimer & Fickert 1899LT64]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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