Trochomorpha planorbis, copyright G. & Ph. Poppe.

Belongs within: Limacoidei.

The Trochomorphidae are a group of small to medium-sized, herbivorous snails found in humid tropical forests and vine thickets in southeast Asia, northern Australia and the western Pacific (Stanisic et al. 2010).

Characters (from Stanisic et al. 2010): Shell small to medium-sized (2–25 mm in diameter), translucent to opaque; generally trochoidal, lens-shaped to discoidal or occasionally conical, usually with strongly keeled whorls, whorl count may be very high; smooth or with strong spiral and occasionally radial ornamentation; base umbilicate to almost imperforate; aperture generally with thickened lip, apertural barriers may be present. Foot usually undivided with weak pedal groove, occasionally sole tripartite; caudal horn may be present.

<==Trochomorphidae [Trochomorphinae] BR05
|–Kondoa Baker 1941 S88
|–Hogolua Baker 1941 S88
|–Brazieria Ancey 1887 S88
|–Foxidonta stevensoni Clench 1950 S88
|–Coliolus Tapparone-Canefri 1887 S88
|–Paratrochus Pilsbry 1893 S88
|–Ludificator Baker 1941 S88
|–Videna Adams & Adams 1858 S88
|    `–V. (Liravidena) lacerata (Semper 1874) S88
|–Theskelomensor Iredale 1933 SS10
|    |–*T. lizardensis (Pfeiffer 1863) [=Helix lizardensis] SS10
|    `–T. creon Solem 1958 SS10
|–Geotrochus van Hasselt 1823 [Geotrochidae, Geotrochinae] BR05
|    |–*G. conus (Pfeiffer 1841) [=Helix conus] BR17
|    `–G. scenoma (Benson 1863) [=Helix (Geotrochus) scenoma] TC89
`–Trochomorpha Albers 1850 BR05
|–*T. ‘trochiformis’ (Pfeiffer 1842) [=Helix trochiformis non Montagu 1803] BR17
|–T. melvillensis Solem 1989 S97
`–T. planorbis Lesson 1831 (preoc.) S88

*Type species of generic name indicated


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