Trogulus tricarinatus, copyright Dick Belgers.

Belongs within: Troguloidea.

The Trogulidae are a group of short-legged, well-sclerotised harvestmen found in the western Palaearctic, members of which have a median suture through the ventral opisthosomal sclerites (Schönhofer 2013).

<==Trogulidae [Troguilidae, Trogulides]
    |--+--Kofiniotis Roewer 1940 [=Konfiniotis]S13
    |  |    `--*K. creticus Roewer 1940S13
    |  `--Anelasmocephalus Simon 1879 [=Anelasma Sørensen 1873 non Darwin 1854, Rhexanus Sørensen 1879]S13
    |       |--*A. lycosinus (Sørensen 1873) [=*Anelasma lycosinum, *Rhexanus lycosinus]S13
    |       |--A. balearicus Martens & Chemini 1988S13
    |       |--A. brignolii Martens & Chemini 1988CF13
    |       |--A. calcaneatus Martens & Chemini 1988S13
    |       |--A. cambridgei (Westwood 1874) (see below for synonymy)S13
    |       |--A. crassipes (Lucas 1849) (see below for synonymy)S13
    |       |--A. hadzii Martens 1978N05
    |       |--A. osellai Martens & Chemini 1988S13
    |       |--A. pusillus Simon 1879D04
    |       |--A. pyrenaicus Martens 1978S13
    |       |--A. rufitarsis Simon 1879D04
    |       |--A. tenuiglandis Martens & Chemini 1988S13
    |       `--A. tuscus Martens & Chemini 1988S13
    `--+--Anarthrotarsus Šilhavý 1967S13
       |    `--*A. martensi Šilhavý 1967S13
       |--Calathocratus Simon 1879 [incl. Platybessobius Roewer 1940, Trogulocratus Roewer 1940]S13
       |    |--*C. africanus (Lucas 1849) [=Trogulus africanus; incl. Trogulocratus tunetanus Roewer 1950]S13
       |    |--C. beieri Gruber 1968SM08
       |    |--C. caucasicus (Šilhavý 1966) [=Platybessobius caucasicus]S13
       |    |--C. hirsutus Snegovaya in Snegovaya & Chumachenko 2011S13
       |    |--C. intermedius (Roewer 1940) [=*Trogulocratus intermedius]S13
       |    |--C. kyrghyzicus (Chemeris 2013) [=Trogulocratus kyrghyzicus]KM20
       |    |--C. minutus Snegovaya in Snegovaya & Chumachenko 2011S13
       |    |--C. rhodiensis (Gruber 1963) [=Trogulocratus rhodiensis]S13
       |    |--C. singularis (Roewer 1940) [=*Platybessobius singularis]S13
       |    `--C. sinuosus (Sørensen 1873) (see below for synonymy)S13
       `--Trogulus Latreille 1802 [incl. Metopoctea Simon 1879]S13
            |  i. s.: T. cisalpinus Chemini & Martens 1988S13
            |         T. falcipenis Komposch 2000S13
            |         T. hirtus Dahl 1903 [=T. tricarinatus hirta]S13
            |         T. longipes Haupt 1956D07
            |         T. lygaeiformis Koch 1839 (n. d.) [=T. ligaeiformis (l. c.)]S13
            |         T. megaligrava Schönhofer et al. 2013S13
            |         T. melitensis Schönhofer & Martens 2009S13
            |         T. ozimeci Schönhofer et al. 2013S13
            |         T. pharensis Schönhofer & Martens 2009S13
            |         T. rossicus Šilhavý 1968SM08
            |         T. templetonii Westwood 1833 (n. d.)S13
            |         T. tenuitarsus Schönhofer et al. 2013S13
            |         T. thaleri Schönhofer & Martens 2009S13
            |         T. uncinatus Gruber 1969S13
            |--T. coriziformis groupSM08
            |    |  i. s.: T. pyrenaicus Schönhofer & Martens 2008SM08
            |    |--+--T. cristatus Simon 1879SM08
            |    |  `--+--T. aquaticus Simon 1879SM08 [incl. Metopoctea exarata Simon 1879S13, T. exaratusS13]
            |    |     `--T. coriziformis Koch 1839 [incl. T. salfii De Lerma 1948]SM08
            |    `--+--T. balearicus Schönhofer & Martens 2008SM08
            |       |--T. huberi Schönhofer & Martens 2008SM08
            |       |--T. lusitanicus Giltay 1931SM08
            |       `--T. prietoi Schönhofer & Martens 2008SM08
            `--+--+--+--T. closanicus Avram 1971SM08, N05 [incl. T. asperatus Koch 1839 (n. o.)S13]
               |  |  `--T. squamatus Koch 1839SM08, N05 [=T. squammatus (l. c.)S13]
               |  `--+--T. tingiformis Koch 1847SM08, N05 [incl. T. gruberi Avram 1971S13]
               |     `--+--*T. nepaeformis (Scopoli 1763)S13, SM08, N05 (see below for synonymy)
               |        `--T. martensi Chemini 1983SM08, S13 [incl. T. tuberculatus Canestrini 1874 (n. o.)S13]
               `--+--+--T. gypseus Simon 1879SM08, R23
                  |  `--+--T. graecus Dahl 1903SM08, N05 [incl. T. corcyraeus Dahl 1903S13]
                  |     `--+--T. oltenicus Avram 1971SM08, D04
                  |        `--T. tricarinatus (Linnaeus 1767)SM08, CH18 (see below for synonymy)
                  `--+--T. torosus Simon 1885SM08
                     `--+--T. karamanorum Schönhofer & Martens 2009SM08, S13
                        `--+--T. banaticus Avram 1971SM08
                           `--T. setosissimus Roewer 1940SM08

Anelasmocephalus cambridgei (Westwood 1874) [=Trogulus cambridgei; incl. Anelasma soerenseni Koch 1877, A. sorenseni, Trogulus violaceus Gervais 1844 (n. o.)]S13

Anelasmocephalus crassipes (Lucas 1849) [=Trogulus crassipes; incl. T. annulipes Lucas 1849, Metopoctea annulipes, Anelasmocephalus bicarinatus Simon 1879, Anelasma oblongum Sørensen 1873, Anelasmocephalus oblongus]S13

Calathocratus sinuosus (Sørensen 1873) [=Trogulus sinuosus, Trogulocratus sinuosus; incl. Trogulus albicerus Sørensen 1873, Trogulocratus apenninicus Marcellino 1965]S13

*Trogulus nepaeformis (Scopoli 1763)S13, SM08, N05 [=Acarus nepaeformisD04, A. nepeformisS13, Trogulus nepiformis (l. c.)D04; incl. T. coreiformis Koch 1839D04, T. galasensis Avram 1971S13, Siro inaequipes Karsch 1884D04, S. iniquipes (l. c.)R23, T. niger Koch 1836S13, Anelasmocephalus nigerS13, T. perforaticeps Ausserer 1867S13, T. roeweri Avram 1971S13]

Trogulus tricarinatus (Linnaeus 1767)SM08, CH18 [=Phalangium tricarinatumD04, Opilio tricarinatusR23, O. carinatusD04, Phalangium carinatum (l. c.)S13; incl. Phalangium melanotarsus Hermann 1804D04, *Metopoctea melanotarsusS13, Trogulus melanotarsusD04, Phalangium rostratum Latreille 1798D04, T. rostratumS13, Trogulus squalidus Koch 1839D04]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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