Children’s stick insect Tropidoderus childrenii, photographed by Arthur Chapman.

Belongs within: Phasmatodea.

The Tropidoderinae are a group of relatively robust, often broad-bodied stick insects found in Australia and southern Asia.

Characters (from Brock & Hasenpusch 2009): Antennae moderately long (shorter than femora in some females). Wings usually well developed, shortened in some females. Fore femora not triangular in cross section, not compressed at base. Mid and hind legs finely serrate or smooth.

<==Tropidoderinae [Podacanthinae]WBM03
    |--Paratropidoderus Brock & Hasenpusch 2007BH07
    |    `--*P. spinosus Brock & Hasenpusch 2007BH07
    |--Malandania Sjöstedt 1918BH07
    |    `--M. pulchra Sjöstedt 1918BH07
    |--Parapodacanthus Brock 2003BH07
    |    `--P. hasenpuschorum Brock 2003BH07
    |--Micropodacanthus Brock & Hasenpusch 2007BH07
    |    |--*M. sztrakai Brock & Hasenpusch 2007BH07
    |    `--M. mouldsi Brock & Hasenpusch 2007BH07
    |--Didymuria Kirby 1904BH07
    |    |--D. violescens (Leach 1814) [incl. Diura discolor Redtenbacher 1908, Diura roseipennis Gray 1833]BH07
    |    `--D. virginea Stål 1875BH07
    |--Lysicles Stål 1877BH07
    |    |--L. hippolytus Stål 1877BH07
    |    `--L. periphanes (Westwood 1859) [=Echetlus periphanes]BH07
    |--Podacanthus Gray 1833BH07
    |    |--*P. typhon Gray 1833 [incl. P. unicolor Charpentier 1845]BH07
    |    |--P. keyi Brock & Hasenpusch 2007BH07
    |    |--P. viridiroseus Gray 1835BH07
    |    `--P. wilkinsoni Macleay 1882BH07
    |--Extatosoma Gray 1833BH07
    |    |--E. popaWBM03
    |    `--E. tiaratum (Macleay 1826)BH07
    |         |--E. t. tiaratum [incl. E. hopei Gray 1833]BH07
    |         `--E. t. bufonium Westwood 1874 [incl. E. elongatum Froggatt 1922]BH07
    `--Tropidoderus Gray 1835 [incl. Athertonia Sjöstedt 1918, Kimberleyana Sjöstedt 1918, Trigonoderus Gray 1833]BH07
         |--T. childrenii (Gray 1833) [incl. T. decipiens Rainbow 1897, T. iodomus McCoy 1882, Diura typhaeus Gray 1833]BH07
         |--T. gracilifemur (Sjöstedt 1918)BH07
         |--T. michaelseni Werner 1912BH07
         |--T. prasina (Sjöstedt 1918)BH07
         `--T. rhodomus McCoy 1882BH07

*Type species of generic name indicated


[BH07] Brock, P. D., & J. W. Hasenpusch. 2007. Studies on the Australian stick insects (Phasmida), including a checklist of species and bibliography. Zootaxa 1570: 1–81.

Brock, P. D., & J. W. Hasenpusch. 2009. The Complete Field Guide to Stick and Leaf Insects of Australia. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (Australia).

[WBM03] Whiting, M. F., S. Bradler & T. Maxwell. 2003. Loss and recovery of wings in stick insects. Nature 421: 264–267.

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