Tubularia indivisa, copyright Alexander Semenov.

Belongs within: Tubulariida.

The Tubulariidae include both solitary and colonial hydroids in which the tentacles of both whorls are filiform and a stem parenchyma including central and peripheral canals is present (Petersen 1979).

    |--Zyzzyzus solitarius (Warren 1906)P79
    |--Ectopleura Agassiz 1862P79
    |    |--*E. dumortieri (van Beneden 1844)P79
    |    |--E. crocea (Agassiz 1862)P79 [=Tubularia croceaP79; incl. T. ralphi (Bale 1884)HJ08]
    |    |--E. larynx (Ellis & Solander 1786) [=Tubularia larynx]P79
    |    |--E. minervaG90
    |    |--E. ochracea Agassiz 1862P79
    |    `--E. wrighti Petersen 1979 [=Acharadia larynx Wright 1863 non Tubularia larynx Ellis & Solander 1786]P79
    `--Tubularia Linnaeus 1758 [incl. Hybocodon Agassiz 1862]P79
         |--*T. indivisa Linnaeus 1758P79
         |--T. calyculata Risso 1826R26
         |--T. ceratogyne Perez 1920P79
         |--T. cornucopia Bonnevie 1897P79
         |--T. coronataA64
         |--T. couthouyiA64
         |--T. hyalina Risso 1826R26
         |--T. mesembryanthemumB79
         |--T. prolifera (Agassiz 1862)P79 [=Hybocodon proliferA64]
         |--T. ramosa Linnaeus 1758L58
         |--T. regalis Boeck 1859P79
         |--T. trichoidesG20
         `--T. unica (Browne 1902)P79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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