Tugali elegans, copyright Shaun Lee.

Belongs within: Fissurellidae.

Tugali is an Indo-Pacific and Antarctic genus of slit limpets with an entire, recurved apex (Knight et al. 1960).

Characters (from Knight et al. 1960): Surface radiate-cancellate; apex entire, posterior, recurved; margin crenulate within, sinuate anteriorly.

<==Tugali Gray in Dieffenbach 1843 DK10 [=Tugalia Gray 1847 KC60]
|–T. (Tugali) KC60
|    |–*T. (T.) elegans Gray 1843 P61
|    `–T. (T.) parmophoidea (Quoy & Gaimard 1834) [=Emarginula parmophoidea] KC60
`–T. (Parmophoridea Wenz 1938) [incl. Parmaphorella Strebel 1907 non Matthew 1886] KC60
`–T. (*P.) antarctica (Strebel 1907) [=Tugalia antarctica] KC60

Tugali incertae sedis:
T. cicatricosa DK10
T. cinerea [incl. T. intermedia] F27
T. colvillensis Finlay 1927 P61
T. crassireticulata (Pritchard 1896) F27
‘Parmophorus’ intermedius S79
T. navicula Finlay 1926 F27
T. pliocenica Finlay 1926 F27
T. stewartiana Powell 1939 P61
T. suteri Thiele 1916 P61 (see below for synonymy)
|–T. s. suteri P61
`–T. s. sutherlandi Fleming 1948 P61

Tugali suteri Thiele 1916 P61 [=Emarginula (Tugalia) suteri F27; incl. T. suteri bascauda Hedley 1916 P61, F27, Tugalia bascauda F27]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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