Vasum ceramicum, photographed by Frédéric Ducarme.

Belongs within: Neogastropoda.
Contains: Volutomitridae, Columbariidae, Ptychatractidae, Costellariidae.

The Turbinelloidea are a clade of neogastropods supported by molecular phylogenetic analysis. The Turbinellidae, chank and vase shells, are generally large gastropods with a thick, spindle-shaped shell (the largest known gastropod, Syrinx aruanus, belongs to this family). They possess a long, thin proboscis that folds into a non-evaginable proboscis sheath (Harasewych & Petit 1989).

Turbinelloidea BR17
    |–+–Volutomitridae FP15
    |  `–+–Columbariidae FP15
    |     `–+–Ptychatractidae FP15
    |        `–Costellariidae FP15
    `–Turbinellidae [Vasidae] FP15
         |  i. s.: Tudivasum MG-H11
         |           |–T. inermis (Angas 1878) MG-H11
         |           `–T. spinosa (Adams & Adams 1863) MG-H11
         |         Surculina Dall 1908 BK11, P66 [incl. Phenacoptygma Dall 1918 O27]
         |           |–*S. blanda (Dall 1908) [=Daphnella (*Surculina) blanda] P66
         |           `–S. cortezi (Dall 1908) P66 [=Daphnella (Surculina) cortezi P66, *Phenacoptygma cortezi O27]
         |–Tudicula Adams & Adams 1864 ES88 [=Tudicla Röding 1798 BR05; Tudiclidae, Tudiclinae BR05, Tudiculinae]
         |    |–*T. spirillus (Linnaeus 1767) [=Murex spirillus] BR17
         |    |–T. armigera Adams 1855 WG71
         |    |–T. inermis Angas 1878 WG71
         |    |–‘Tudicla’ monheimi (Müller 1851) TTE93
         |    |–T. rasilistoma Abbott 1959 ES88
         |    |–T. spinosa Adams & Adams 1863 WG71
         |    `–T. zanzibarica Abbott 1958 ES88
         |–Vasum Röding 1798 ES88 [=Cynodonta Schumacher 1817 BR05; Cynodontidae, Cynodontinae, Vasinae ES88]
         |    |  i. s.: V. cassiforme (Kiener 1840) ES88
         |    |         V. crosseanum (Souverbie 1875) ES88
         |    |         V. floridanum McGinty 1940 P89
         |    |         V. globulum (Lamarck 1816) [incl. V. globulum antiguensis Usticke 1969] BC01
         |    |         V. humerosum Vaughan 1896 DK10
         |    |         V. lactisfloris Ferrario 1983 BC01
         |    |         V. rhinoceros (Gmelin 1791) ES88
         |    |         V. stephanti Emerson & Sage 1988 ES88
         |    |         V. tubiferum (Anton 1839) ES88
         |    |         V. turbinellus (Linnaeus 1758) ES88 (see below for synonymy)
         |    |–*V. (Vasum) ceramicum (Linnaeus 1758) [=Murex ceramicus, *Cynodonta ceramica] BR17
         |    `–V. (Altivasum Hedley 1914) DK10, WG71
         |         `–V. (A.) flindersi Verco 1914 DK10, WG71
         `–Turbinellinae [Xancidae, Xancinae] HP89
              |–Syrinx Röding 1798 HP89
              |    `–*S. aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) HP89 (see below for synonymy)
              |–Scolymus Swainson 1835 [Scolyminae] BR17
              |    `–‘Turbinella’ angulata (Lightfoot 1786) (see below for synonymy) BR17
              `–Xancus Röding 1798 BR05 [=Turbinella Lamarck 1799 BR05; incl. Buccinella Perry 1811 PH90]
                   |–*X. pyrum (Linnaeus 1767) BR17 (see below for synonymy)
                   |–‘Turbinellus’ acuminatus C64
                   |–‘Cancellaria’ alabamensis Gabb 1860 [=Turbinella alabamensis] PH90
                   |–‘Turbinella’ caestus C64
                   |–‘Turbenella’ ceratus C64
                   |–‘Turbinellus’ infundibulum [=Murex infundibulum; incl. T. filosus, T. gibbulus] G79
                   |–‘Turbinella’ iricolor Hombr. & Jacquinot 1853 H09
                   |–‘Turbinellus’ nassa [incl. T. brasilianus, T. cingulifera, Murex knorri, T. knorri, T. rudis] G79
                   |–‘Turbinella’ scolymoides Dall 1890 P89
                   `–‘Turbinella’ subnassatula Souverbie 1872 H09

*Syrinx aruanus (Linnaeus 1758) HP89 [=Murex aruanus HP89, Busycon aruanus HP89, Fulgur aruanus HP89, Megalatractus aruanus WG71; incl. Fusus proboscidiferus Lamarck 1816 HP89, Me. proboscidiferus HP89]

‘Turbinella’ angulata (Lightfoot 1786) [incl. T. umbilicaris Lamarck 1816, *Scolymus umbilicaris] BR17

Vasum turbinellus (Linnaeus 1758) ES88 [=Voluta turbinella H09; incl. Turbinella cornigera Lamarck 1822 BR17, *Scolymus cornigerus BR17, Vasum turbinellus var. cornigerum SP72]

*Xancus pyrum (Linnaeus 1767) BR17 [=Voluta pyrum BR17, Murex (*Turbinella) pyrum non M. pyrum Linnaeus 1758 G20, BR17; incl. *Buccinella caerulea Perry 1811 PH90]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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