Turbonilla tenuicula, copyright Phil Liff-Grieff.

Belongs within: Pyramidellidae.

Turbonilla is a cosmopolitan genus of pyramidellid snails with a many-whorled, cylindro-conic shell (Oldroyd 1927).

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell cylindro-conic, many-whorled, generally slender; apex sinistral; columella with a single fold that varies in strength and is often not visible in aperture; sculpture, both axial and spiral, varying from obsolete to strongly incised lines or raised lamellae.

<==Turbonilla Risso 1826 [Turbonillina, Turbonillini] BR05
    |–T. (Turbonilla) BR17
    |    |–*T. (T.) costulata Risso 1826 BR17
    |    `–T. (T.) typica P61
    |–T. (Bartschella Iredale 1917) O27
    |    |–T. (B.) arata Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    `–T. (B.) laminata Carpenter 1856 O27
    |–T. (Dunkeria Carpenter 1856) O27
    |    |–‘Dunkeria’ laminata Carpenter 1864 C64
    |    |–‘Dunkeria’ major [=Chemnitzia major] C64
    |    |–‘Dunkeria’ subangulata C64
    |    `–T. (D.) swani Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |–T. (Mormula Adams 1854) O27
    |    |–T. (M.) ambusta Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (M.) catalinensis Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (M.) clementina Bartsch 1927 O27
    |    |–T. (M.) enna Bartsch 1927 O27
    |    |–T. (M.) eschscholtzi Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
    |    |–T. (M.) heterolopha Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (M.) lordi (Smith 1880) [=Chimnitzia lordi] O27
    |    |–T. (M.) pentalopha Dall & Bartsch 1903 O27
    |    |–T. (M.) periscelida Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (M.) regina Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    `–T. (M.) tridentata Carpenter 1865 O27
    |–T. (Pyrgiscus Philippi 1841) O27
    |    |–T. (P.) adusta Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) alfredi Abbott 1958 B59
    |    |–T. (P.) almo Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) antemunda Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) antestriata Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) aragoni Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) auricoma Dall & Bartsch 1903 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) callia Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) callimene Bartsch 1912 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) canfieldi Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) castanea Keep 1888 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) castanella Dall 1908 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) ‘delmontensis’ Bartsch 1927 non T. gilli delmontensis Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) dora Bartsch 1917 [=T. (Pyrgolampros) dora] O27
    |    |–T. (P.) eucosmobasis Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) eva Bartsch 1917 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) grippi Bartsch 1912 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) ina Bartsch 1917 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) ista Bartsch 1917 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) jewetti Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) moerchi Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) nereia Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) nuttingi Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) obesa Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) pluto Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) recta Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) signae Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) tenuicula Gould 1853 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) vexativa Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    |–T. (P.) virgo (Carpenter 1865) [=Chemnitzia virgo] O27
    |    |–T. (P.) weldi Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    |    `–T. (P.) wickhami Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
    `–T. (Pyrgolampros Sacco 1892) O27
         |–T. (P.) alaskana Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) aurantia Carpenter 1865 O27
         |–T. (P.) berryi Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
         |–T. (P.) blanda Finlay 1924 F27a
         |–T. (P.) chocolata (Carpenter 1866) [=Chemnitzia chocolata] O27
         |–T. (P.) eyerdami Bartsch 1927 O27
         |–T. (P.) franciscana Bartsch 1917 O27
         |–T. (P.) gloriosa Bartsch 1912 O27
         |–T. (P.) gouldi Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) halia Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) halibrecta Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) halistrepta Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) ilfa Bartsch 1927 O27
         |–T. (P.) keepi Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) lituyana Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) lowei Dall & Bartsch 1903 O27
         |–T. (P.) lyalli Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
         |–T. (P.) macouni Dall & Bartsch 1910 O27
         |–T. (P.) middendorffi Bartsch 1927 O27
         |–T. (P.) newcombei Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
         |–T. (P.) oregonensis Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
         |–T. (P.) painei Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) pedroana Dall & Bartsch 1903 O27
         |–T. (P.) pesa Dall & Bartsch 1910 O27
         |–T. (P.) pugetensis Bartsch 1917 O27
         |–T. (P.) ridgwayi Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
         |–T. (P.) rinella Dall & Bartsch 1910 O27
         |–‘Pyrgolampros’ rufofasciata L10
         |–T. (P.) shuyakensis Bartsch 1927 O27
         |–T. (P.) stelleri Bartsch 1927 O27
         |–T. (P.) talma Dall & Bartsch 1910 O27
         |–T. (P.) taylori Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
         |–T. (P.) tremperi Bartsch 1917 O27
         |–T. (P.) valdezi Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
         `–T. (P.) victoriana Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27

Turbonilla incertae sedis:
  T. acra Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
  T. altenburgensis G31
  T. amoebaea (Watson 1886) [=Odostomia amoebaea] H09
  T. antiqua Bronn 1848 F27b
  T. aplini Brazier 1877 H09
  T. awamoaensis Marshall & Murdoch 1921 F27a
  T. bedoyai Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. bengoensis Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. campbellica Odhner 1924 F27a
  T. cheverti Hedley 1901 H09
  T. confusa Brazier 1877 H09
  T. darnleyensis Brazier 1877 H09
  T. diegensis Dall & Bartsch 1909 O27
  T. eques Laws 1937 P61
  T. finlayi Powell 1926 F27a
  T. franciscoi Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. ghanensis Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. gilli Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
    |–T. g. gilli O27
    `–T. g. delmontensis Dall & Bartsch 1907 O27
  T. hampdenensis Finlay 1927 (see below for synonymy) F27b
  T. haroldi Laws 1937 P61
  T. hattenbergeri Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. homoeotata (Watson 1886) [=Odostomia homoeotata] H09
  T. inaequabilis Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. lactea C60
  T. lamyi Hedley 1916 F27a
  T. luandensis Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. martae Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. moorei Laws 1937 P61
  T. nofronii Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. perezdionisi Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. powelli Bucknill 1924 F27a
  T. prisca F27a
  T. pseudomarteli Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. rafaeli Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. ryalli Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. spina (Crosse & Fischer 1884) [=Turritella spina] H09
  T. susomendezi Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. suteri Powell 1926 P61
  T. swinneni Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. templadoi Peñas & Rolán 1997 BC01
  T. turris [=Chemnitzia turris; incl. C. modesta, C. ornata, C. pulchella] G79
  T. varicifera Tate 1898 H09
  T. volgensis G31

Nomina nuda: Turbonilla newtoni Cossmann 1899 [=T. sulcata Edwards in Newton 1891 (preoc.)] F27b
             Turbonilla tahuensis Allan 1927 A27

Turbonilla hampdenensis Finlay 1927 [=T. antiqua Marshall 1919 nec Bronn 1848 nec T. costatelloides var. antiqua Sacco 1892] F27b

*Type species of generic name indicated


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