Hermit thrush Catharus guttatus, photographed by Daniel Berganza.

Belongs within: Muscicapida.
Contains: Myadestes, Catharus, Zoothera, Turdus.

The Turdinae contains the thrushes, medium-sized passerine birds with unscaled tarsi (Austin 1961). Most thrushes are fairly dull-coloured, but are often notable singers. Past authors have also included the chats, robins and related birds in the Turdinae, but those species are now regarded as more closely related to the Muscicapinae.

<==Turdidae [Turdinae, Turdinia]
    |--+--+--Grandala Hodgson 1843JF06, B94 [Grandalinae]
    |  |  |    `--G. coelicolorJF06
    |  |  `--Sialia Swainson 1827JT12, B94 [Sialiinae]
    |  |       |--S. mexicanaBKB15
    |  |       `--+--S. currucoidesBKB15
    |  |          `--S. sialisBKB15
    |  `--+--MyadestesJT12
    |     `--Neocossyphus Fischer & Reichenow 1884JT12, B94 [Neocossyphinae]
    |          |--+--N. finschiiBKB15 [=Stizorhina finschiJT12]
    |          |  `--N. fraseriBKB15 [=Stizorhina fraseriJT12]
    |          `--+--N. poensisBKB15
    |             `--N. rufusBKB15
    |                  |--N. r. rufusPB27
    |                  `--N. r. gabunensisPB27
       |  |    |--I. naeviusJF06 [=Zoothera naeviaJT12]
       |  |    `--I. variusWM01
       |  `--+--+--Cichlopsis leucogenysJT12
       |     |  `--EntomodestesJT12
       |     |       |--E. coracinusJF06
       |     |       `--E. leucotisJF06
       |     `--+--CatharusJF06
       |        `--+--Ridgwayia pinicola [=Zoothera pinicola]JF06
       |           `--Hylocichla Baird 1864JF06, S05
       |                |--*H. mustelinaFP64 [=Catharus mustelinusJF06, Turdus mustelinusFP64]
       |                |--H. aliciae (Baird 1858) (see below for synonymy)S05
       |                |--H. fuscescensS18
       |                `--H. ustulataG68
       |                     |--H. u. ustulataS18
       |                     `--H. u. swainsoniiS18
          |  `--+--Chlamydochaera jefferyi Sharpe 1887JT12, L03
          |     `--Cochoa Hodgson 1836JT12, B94 [Cochoaninae, Cochoinae]
          |          |--C. azureaJT12
          |          |--C. beccariiJT12
          |          |--C. purpureaJT12
          |          `--C. viridisJF06
             `--+--‘Zoothera’ sibiricaBKB15 [=Turdus sibiricusT89]
                `--+--‘Zoothera’ wardiiBKB15
                   `--+--+--‘Zoothera’ guttataBKB15
                      |  `--‘Zoothera’ spilopteraBKB15
                      `--+--+--+--‘Zoothera’ camaronensisBKB15
                         |  |  `--‘Zoothera’ princeiJT12
                         |  `--+--+--‘Zoothera’ crossleyiBKB15
                         |     |  `--‘Zoothera’ gurneyiBKB15
                         |     `--+--‘Zoothera’ oberlaenderiBKB15
                         |        `--+--‘Zoothera’ piaggiaeBKB15
                         |           `--‘Zoothera’ tanganjicaeJT12
                         `--+--‘Zoothera’ citrinaJT12
                            |    |--Z. c. citrinaS02
                            |    |--Z. c. cyanotusS02
                            |    `--Z. c. melliVP89
                            `--+--‘Zoothera’ schistaceaJT12
                               `--+--+--‘Zoothera’ cinereaJT12
                                  |  `--+--‘Zoothera’ erythronotaJT12
                                  |     `--‘Zoothera’ mendeniJT12
                                  `--+--‘Zoothera’ peroniiJT12
                                     `--+--‘Zoothera’ dohertyiJT12
                                        `--‘Zoothera’ interpresJT12
Turdidae incertae sedis:
    |--K. macroura [=Turdus macrourus]W66
    `--K. malabaricaA61
    |--P. obscurusUSDI77
    |    |--P. o. obscurusUSDI77
    |    |--P. o. lanaiensisD81
    |    |--P. o. myadestinaUSDI77
    |    |--P. o. oahensisD81
    |    `--P. o. ruthaUSDI77
    `--P. palmeriUSDI77
  Cataponera turdoidesJT12
  Geomalia heinrichiJT12
    |--G. dohertyiKF-V21
    |--G. lunulataR87
    |--G. macrorhynchaR87
    `--G. princeiPB27
         |--G. p. princeiPB27
         `--G. p. batesiPB27

Hylocichla aliciae (Baird 1858) [=Turdus aliciae, T. swainsonii var. aliciae, T. ustulatus var. aliciae; incl. T. minor Reinhardt 1853]S05

*Type species of generic name indicated


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