Tychius cuprifer, copyright André Burgers.

Belongs within: Curculioninae.

The Tychiini are a group of weevils characterised by laterally angled ventrites and scales or setae directed mesad on the pronotum.

<==Tychiini [Tychides, Tychiinae]GC-P14
    |--Ochryomera Pascoe 1874 [incl. Exochyromera Voss 1937]A02
    |    `--O. ligustri Warner 1961A02
    |    |--Lignyodes Dejean 1835 (see below for synonymy)A02
    |    `--Plocetes LeConte 1876 [incl. Dietzia Champion 1903, Hamaba Casey 1910, Rosella Whitehead 1977]A02
    |         `--P. ulmi LeConte 1876A02
         |--Sibinia Germar 1817 (see below for synonymy)A02
         |    |--S. arenariae (Stephens 1832)HF03
         |    |--S. fulvaGC-P14
         |    |--S. planiuscula Desbrochers 1873HF03
         |    |--S. reitteri Desbrochers 1895HF03
         |    `--S. sellataML05
         `--Tychius Germar 1817 (see below for synonymy)A02
              |--T. carinicollis Lucas 1846E12
              |--T. crypticus Caldara 1986HF03
              |--T. cuprifer (Panzer 1799)HF03
              |--T. flavicollisC01
              |--T. fuscolieatus Lucas 1847E12
              |--T. intrusus Faust 1889HF03
              |--T. minutissimus Bohem. 1859M86
              |--T. mongolicus Csiki 1901C01
              |--T. mozabitus Pic 1898HF03
              |--‘Miccotrogus’ picirostrisC01
              |--T. quinquepunctatusC01
              |--T. striatulus Gyllenhal 1836HF03
              |--T. subsulcatusC01
              |--T. tectusA02
              `--T. tomentosusC01

Lignyodes Dejean 1835 [incl. Chionanthobius Pierce 1912, Lignyodius Dieckmann 1970, Neotylopterus Clark, Whitehead & Warner 1977, Rhaestes Gistel 1856, Stenorhynchus Villa & Villa 1835 non Lamarck 1818, Thysanocnemis LeConte 1876, Tylopterus LeConte 1876 non Capiomont 1868]A02

Sibinia Germar 1817 [=Sibynes Schoenherr 1825, Sibynia Agassiz 1846; incl. Aocnus Schoenherr 1859, Campipterus Motschulsky 1845, Campopterus Agassiz 1846, Dichotychius Bedel 1885, Itychus Kissinger 1962, Mecynopyga Pierce 1908, Microtychius Casey 1910, Paragoges LeConte 1876, Teratonychus Bondar 1949]A02

Tychius Germar 1817 [incl. Aoromius Desbrochers 1907, Apeltarius Desbrochers 1873, Ectatotychius Tournier 1874, Elleschidius Penecke 1938, Heliotychius Franz 1943, Henonia Pic 1897, Hypactus Marseul 1888, Lepidotychius Penecke 1922, Miccotrogus Schoenherr 1825, Mongolotychius Korotyaev 1990, Neotychius Hustache 1945, Paratychius Casey 1910, Pseudolignyodes Pic 1899, Xenotychius Reitter 1897]A02

*Type species of generic name indicated


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