Monostroma grevillei, copyright M. D. Guiry.

Belongs within: Tetraphytae.

The Ulotrichales are a group of aquatic green algae with a life cycle alternating between multicellular gametophytes and unicellular sporophytes. Gametes are biflagellate whereas zoospores are quadriflagellate.

    |  i. s.: VermiporellaceaeVH01
    |           |  i. s.: ‘Anthracoporella’ bashkirica Kulik 1973VH01
    |           `--Vermiporella Stolley 1893H75
    |                `--*V. fragilis Stolley 1893H75
    |         Microspora Thuret 1850 (nom. cons.)EB03 [MicrosporaceaeA90]
    |           `--M. amoenaSG05
    |  |    |--A. arctaDI03
    |  |    |--A. duriusculaKBC03
    |  |    |--A. saxatilisKBC03
    |  |    `--A. sonderiNK03
    |  `--Urospora Aresch. 1866 (nom. cons.)L-BC03, KC01
    |       |--U. grandis Kylin 1907 [=Hormiscia grandis]S57
    |       |--U. penicilliformis (Roth) Areschoug 1866 [=Hormiscia penicilliformis]S57
    |       |--U. sphaerulifera Setchell & Gardner in Gardner 1919 [=Hormiscia sphaerulifera]S57
    |       |--U. tetraciliata Frye & Zeller 1915 [=Hormiscia tetraciliata]S57
    |       |--U. vancouveriana (Tilden) Setchell & Gardner in Gardner 1919 [=Hormiscia vancouveriana]S57
    |       `--U. wormskioldii (Mertens) Rosenvinge 1893 [=Hormiscia wormskioldii]S57
       |    |--UlvariaNLS03
       |    |    |--U. obscuraNLS03
       |    |    `--U. splendensKBC03
       |    `--MonostromaL-BC03
       |         |--M. fractum Jao 1937S57
       |         |--M. fuscum (Postels & Ruprecht) Wittrock 1866S57
       |         |    |--M. f. var. fuscumS57
       |         |    |--M. f. var. blyttii (Areschoug) Collins 1903 [=Ulvaria obscura var. blyttii]S57
       |         |    `--M. f. var. splendens (Ruprecht) Rosenvinge 1893S57
       |         |--M. grevilleiL-BC03
       |         |--M. oxycoccumPP64
       |         |--M. oxyspermum (Kützing) Doty 1947S57
       |         `--M. zostericola Tilden 1900S57
       `--+--+--Gloeotilopsis planctonicaL-BC03
          |  `--Protoderma Kütz. 1854L-BC03, KC01
          |       `--P. sarcinoideaL-BC03
          |    |--P. akinetumGLB04
          |    |--P. basilienseL-BC03
          |    `--P. submarinumL10
               |--Binuclearia tectorumSG05
               |--Schizomeris leibleiniiSG05
               |--Geminella Turpin 1828A90, KC01
               |--Mackiella rotundata Edwards & Lyon 1983EB93
               |--Rhynchertia punctata Edwards & Lyon 1983EB93
               |--Palaeogeminella folkii Fairchild et al. 1979EB93
               `--Ulothrix Kutzing 1833L-BC03, M70
                    |--U. flacca (Dillwyn) Thuret in LeJolis 1863S57
                    |--U. implexa Kützing 1849S57
                    |--U. laetevirens (Kützing) Collins 1909S57
                    |--U. tenerrima Kutzing 1843M70
                    `--U. zonataL-BC03

*Type species of generic name indicated


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