Umbilicaria section Glabrae

 Petalled rocktripe Umbilicaria polyphylla, from here.

Belongs within: Umbilicaria.

The section Glabrae of the lichen genus Umbilicaria is characterised by a lobed or sinuate-edged thallus that lacks rhizines (Frey 1933).

Characters (from Frey 1933): Underside of thallus without rhizines. Thallus usually brown or greenish gray or brown-black above, black or reddish-gray or whitish below, edge usually somewhat roundly lobed or sinuate. Apothecia with grooved disc. Spores colourless.

<==Umbilicaria sect. Glabrae Frey 1931F33
    |--U. arctica (Acharius) Nylander 1859 [=Gyrophora arctica Acharius 1803]F33
    |    |--U. a. var. arcticaF33
    |    |--U. a. var. hyporrhiza Nylander 1866F33
    |    `--U. a. var. plicata Nylander 1866F33
    |--U. corrugata (de Candolle) Nylander 1861 (see below for synonymy)F33
    |    |--U. c. f. corrugataF33
    |    `--U. c. f. microphyllina (Nylander) Frey 1933 [=U. corrugata var. microphyllina Nylander 1860]F33
    |--U. deusta (Linnaeus) Baumgartner 1790 (see below for synonymy)F33
    |    |--U. d. f. deustaF33
    |    |--U. d. f. brotera (Acharius) Frey 1933 (see below for synonymy)F33
    |    `--U. d. f. subpapulosa (Nylander) Frey 1933 (see below for synonymy)F33
    |--U. erosa (Weber) Acharius 1794 (see below for synonymy)F33
    |    |--U. e. var. erosaF33
    |    |--U. e. var. subradians Nylander 1861 [=Gyrophora erosa var. subradians (Nylander) Fries 1871]F33
    |    `--U. e. var. torrefacta (Lightf.) Frey 1933 (see below for synonymy)F33
    |--U. hyperborea (Acharius) Hoffmann 1801 (see below for synonymy)F33
    `--U. polyphylla (Linnaeus) Hoffmann 1796 (see below for synonymy)F33
         |  i. s.: U. p. f. congregata (Turner) Leight. 1871 (see below for synonymy)F33
         |         U. p. f. coriacea (Fries) Frey 1933 [=Gyrophora polyphylla var. glabra f. coriacea Fries 1871]F33
         |         U. p. f. diffusa (Nylander) Frey 1933 (see below for synonymy)F33
         |         U. p. f. lacera (Hepp) Leight. 1871 [=Gyrophora polyphylla f. lacera Hepp 1860]F33
         |--U. p. var. polyphyllaF33
         `--U. p. var. variegata Nylander 1861 [=Gyrophora polyphylla var. variegata (Nylander) Fries 1871]F33

Umbilicaria corrugata (de Candolle) Nylander 1861 [=U. proboscidea var. corrugata de Candolle in de Lamarck & de Candolle 1805, Gyrophora corrugata (de Candolle) Arnold 1875, G. deusta var. corrugata (de Candolle) Turner 1839, G. glabra var. corrugata (de Candolle) Acharius 1814, G. heteroidea var. corrugata (de Candolle) Acharius 1810, G. hyperborea var. corrugata (de Candolle) Fries 1871, G. proboscidea var. corrugata (de Candolle) Mudd 1861, Umbilicaria varia var. deusta f. corrugata (de Candolle) Leight. 1856; incl. U. polyphylloides Nylander 1860]F33

Umbilicaria deusta (Linnaeus) Baumgartner 1790 [=Lichen deustus Linnaeus 1753, Gyrophora deusta (Linnaeus) Acharius 1803, G. polyphylla var. deusta (Linnaeus) Rabenhorst 1845, Umbilicaria polyphylla var. deusta (Linnaeus) Fries 1831; incl. Lichen flocculosus Wulf. ex Jacquin 1789, Gyrophora aenea var. flocculosa (Wulf.) Schaerer 1818, G. deusta var. flocculosa (Wulf.) Acharius 1803, G. flocculosa (Wulf.) Körb. 1855, Umbilicaria aenea var. flocculosa (Wulf.) Schaerer 1836, U. flocculosa (Wulf.) Hoffmann 1796, U. polyphylla var. flocculosa (Wulf.) Schaerer 1850]F33

Umbilicaria deusta f. brotera (Acharius) Frey 1933 [=Gyrophora deusta var. brotera Acharius 1803, U. flocculosa f. brotera (Acharius) Nylander 1861; incl. G. flocculosa f. cribrata Mueller 1862, G. deusta f. cribrata (Mueller) Zahlbr. 1927]F33

Umbilicaria deusta f. subpapulosa (Nylander) Frey 1933 [=U. flocculosa f. subpapulosa Nylander 1861, Gyrophora deusta f. subpapulosa (Nylander) Zahlbr. 1927, G. polyphylla var. deusta f. subpapulosa (Nylander) Fries 1871; incl. Umbilicaria flocculosa f. squamulosa Harm. 1910]F33

Umbilicaria erosa (Weber) Acharius 1794 [=Lichen erosus Weber 1778, Gyrophora erosa (Weber) Acharius) 1803; incl. Gyrophora koldeweyi Körb. 1874, Lichen reticulatus Retz 1779]F33

Umbilicaria erosa var. torrefacta (Lightf.) Frey 1933 [=Lichen torrefactus Lightf. 1777, Gyrophora erosa var. torrefacta (Lightf.) Fries 1871, G. torrefacta (Lightf.) Cromb. 1894, Umbilicaria torrefacta (Lightf.) Schrader 1794; incl. G. erosa var. torrida Acharius 1804, G. torrida (Acharius) Röhling 1813, Umbilicaria erosa var. torrida (Acharius) Nylander 1861, U. torrida (Acharius) Nylander ex Stizenb. 1876]F33

Umbilicaria hyperborea (Acharius) Hoffmann 1801 [=Lichen hyperboreus Acharius 1794, Gyrophora aenea var. hyperborea (Acharius) Schaerer 1818, G. hyperborea (Acharius) Acharius 1803, Umbilicaria aenea var. hyperborea (Acharius) Schaerer 1826, U. polyphylla var. hyperborea (Acharius) Schaerer 1850, U. varia var. hyperborea (Acharius) Leight. 1856; incl. Gyrophora hyperborea var. pimaria Fries 1871, U. ustulata Wainio 1888, G. ustulata (Wainio) Dalla Torre & Sarnth. 1902]F33

Umbilicaria polyphylla (Linnaeus) Hoffmann 1796 [=Lichen polyphyllus Linnaeus 1753, Gyrophora polyphylla (Linnaeus) Funck 1804; incl. G. glabra Acharius 1803, G. aenea var. glabra (Acharius) Schaerer 1826, G. polyphylla f. glabra (Acharius) Zahlbr. 1927, G. polyphylla var. glabra (Acharius) Fries 1871]F33

Umbilicaria polyphylla f. congregata (Turner) Leight. 1871 [=Gyrophora polyphylla f. congregata Turner 1839; incl. G. polyphylla var. conglobata Fries 1871, G. deusta var. conglobata (Fries) Zahlbr. 1927]F33

Umbilicaria polyphylla f. diffusa (Nylander) Frey 1933 [=Gyrophora glabra var. diffusa Nylander 1896, G. polyphylla f. diffusa (Nylander) Zahlbr. 1927]F33

*Type species of generic name indicated


[F33] Frey, E. 1933. Cladoniaceae (unter Ausschluss der Gattung Cladonia), Umbilicariaceae. In: Die Flechten (Dr. L. Rabenhorst’s Kryptogamenflora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz vol. 9) sect. 4 pt 1. Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft M. B. H.: Leipzig.

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