Sharpnose sandperch Parapercis cylindrica, copyright Rickard Zerpe.

Belongs within: Percomorpharia.

The Uranoscopiformes are a clade of fishes united by molecular data, many of which were historically treated as ‘trachinoids’.

<==Uranoscopiformes [Paratrachiniformes, Paratrachinoidei]
    |--+--Cheimarrichthys [Cheimarrichthyidae]ND13
    |  |    `--C. fosteri Haast 1874LD09
    |  `--Pinguipedidae [Mugiloididae]ND13
    |       |--Chilias xanthozona (Bleeker 1849) [=Percis xanthozona, Parapercis xanthozona]M58
    |       |--Pinguipes chilensis Valenciennes 1833LD09
    |       |--NeopercisR13
    |       `--Parapercis [Parapercidae]ND13
    |            |--P. allportiSC07
    |            |--P. clathrata Ogilby 1910LD09
    |            |--P. coliasH01
    |            |--P. cylindrica (Bloch 1792) [=Sciaena cylindrica]M58
    |            |--P. fatuus Schwarzhans 1980P93
    |            |--P. finlayi Frost 1924P93
    |            |--P. gilliesiH01
    |            |--P. haackei (Steindachner 1884)H90
    |            |--P. hexophtalma (Cuvier 1829)MM09 (see below for synonymy)
    |            |--P. millepunctata (Günther 1860)MM09
    |            |--P. multiplicata Randall 1984MM09
    |            |--P. nebulosa (Quoy & Gaimard 1824)H90 [=Percis nebulosaG75]
    |            |--P. ramsayiSC07
    |            `--P. tetracanthus (Lacépède 1801) [=Labrus tetracanthus; incl. Percis cancellata Günther 1860]M58
       |    |--Kathetostoma averruncusND13
       |    |--Astroscopus y-graecumND13
       |    |--Uranoscopidarum orbis Nolf 1991P93
       |    |--IchthyscopusG75
       |    |    |--I. fasciatusG75
       |    |    `--I. lebeckG75
       |    `--Uranoscopus Linnaeus 1758L58
       |         |--*U. scaber Linnaeus 1758L58
       |         |--U. albesca Regan 1915LD09
       |         `--U. ignavus Schwarzhans 1980P93
       `--Ammodytidae [Ammodytiformes]ND13
            |  i. s.: EmbolichthysR13
            |         Bleekeria callolepisR13
            |--Gymnammodytes semisquamatusLM13
            `--+--Hyperoplus lanceolatusLM13
               `--Ammodytes Linnaeus 1758LM13, L58
                    |--*A. tobianus Linnaeus 1758L58
                    |--A. americanus DeKay 1842N02
                    |--A. cicerellusPP64
                    |--A. dubius Reinhardt 1837N02
                    |--A. hexapterusN02
                    |--A. lanceolatusR13
                    |--A. marinusN02
                    |--A. personatusLN10
                    `--A. vasseuri Nolf & Lapierre 1977P93

Parapercis hexophtalma (Cuvier 1829)MM09 [=Percis hexophthalmusM58, Chilias hexophthalmusM58, Pinguipes didikuar Montrouzier in Thiollière 1857 (n. n.)M58]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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