Urochloa mosambicensis, copyright Harry Rose.

Belongs within: Poaceae.

Urochloa, signalgrass, is a tropical genus of coarse and weedy grasses. Browntop millet U. ramosa is cultivated in southern Asia as a cereal crop.

Characters (from Flora of China): Annuals or perennials, often coarse and weedy. Leaf blades linear to broadly lanceolate; ligule a ciliate membrane. Inflorescence composed of racemes along a central axis; spikelets single or paired on a flattened or triquetrous rachis. Spikelets lanceolate or elliptic, plano-convex, cuspidate to acuminate, florets 2; lower glume abaxial, variable in length; upper glume and lower lemma similar, as long as spikelet, membranous to firmly papery; upper lemma coriaceous, rugulose or granular, margins inrolled, shorter than spikelet with a slender mucro lying within the cuspidate spikelet tip. x = 7, 10, 16.

|--U. decumbens [=Brachiaria decumbens]B00
|--U. holosericeaLK14
| |--U. h. ssp. holosericeaLK14
| `--U. h. ssp. velutinaLK14
|--U. kurziiLK14
|--U. mosambicensisLK14
|--U. piligeraLK14
|--U. polyphyllaLK14
|--U. praetervisaLK14
|--U. pubigeraLK14
|--U. ramosaLK14
`--U. subquadriparaLK14

*Type species of generic name indicated


[B00] Braby, M. F. 2000. Butterflies of Australia: their identification, biology and distribution vol. 1. CSIRO Publishing: Collingwood (Victoria).

[LK14] Lyons, M. N., G. J. Keighery, L. A. Gibson & T. Handasyde. 2014. Flora and vegetation communities of selected islands off the Kimberley coast of Western Australia. Records of the Western Australian Museum Supplement 81: 205–244.

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