Hypoctonus sp., copyright Bernard Dupont.

Belongs within: Pedipalpi.
Contains: Thelyphoninae.

The Uropygi, whip-scorpions, are a group of tropical arachnids with raptorial pedipalps and an elongate filamentous post-pygidium (Harvey 2002). An alternative vernacular name, ‘vinegaroon’, comes from their possession of anal glands from which they spray unpleasant-smelling chemicals at threats.

<==Uropygi [Holopeltidia, Oxopoei, Thelyphonida]
    |  i. s.: Etiennus africanus (Hentschel 1984)H02
    |         Proschizomus Dunlop & Horrocks 1996H02
    |         Mesoproctus Dunlop 1998H02
    |--Hypoctonidae [Hypoctoninae, Hypoctonini]RC73
    |    |--Thelyphonellus Pocock 1894RC73
    |    |    `--*T. amazonicus (Butler 1872)RC73
    |    |--Labochirus Pocock 1894RC73
    |    |    |--*L. proboscideus (Butler 1872)RC73
    |    |    |--L. cervinus Pocock 1900RC73
    |    |    `--L. tauricornis Pocock 1900RC73
    |    `--Hypoctonus Thorell 1889RC73
    |         |--*H. formosus (Butler 1872)RC73 [=Thelyphonus formosusT89; incl. T. angustus Stoliczka 1873T89]
    |         |--H. africanus Hentschel 1899RC73
    |         |--H. andersoni (Oates 1890)RC73
    |         |--H. binghami (Oates 1890)RC73
    |         |--H. birmanicus Hirst 1911RC73
    |         |--H. browni Gravely 1912RC73
    |         |--H. carmichaeli Gravely 1916RC73
    |         |--H. clarki Cooke & Shadab 1973RC73
    |         |--H. dawnae Gravely 1912RC73
    |         |--H. ellisii Gravely 1912RC73
    |         |--H. gastrostictus Kraepelin 1897RC73
    |         |--H. granosus Pocock 1900RC73
    |         |--H. kraepelini Simon 1901RC73
    |         |--H. oatesi Pocock 1900RC73
    |         |--H. proboscideus (Butler 1872) [=Thelyphonus proboscideus; incl. T. parvimanus Butler 1873]K92
    |         |--H. rangunensis (Oates 1890)RC73
    |         |--H. saxatilis (Oates 1890)RC73
    |         |--H. silvaticus (Oates 1890)RC73
    |         |--H. stoliczkae Gravely 1912RC73
    |         `--H. woodmasoni (Oates 1890)RC73
    `--Thelyphonidae [Telyphonidae, Thelyphonoidae]H04b
         |  i. s.: Prothelyphonus Fritsch 1904F04
         |           |--P. bohemicus (Kušta 1884) [=Thelyphonus bohemicus, Geralinura bohemica]F04
         |           |--P. cordai Fritsch 1904F04
         |           `--P. naufragus Brauckmann & Koch 1983S93
         |         Geralinura Scudder 1884F04, H02
         |           |--G. crassa Kušta 1888F04
         |           |--G. noctua Kušta 1888F04
         |           `--G. scudderi Kušta 1888F04
         |--Typopeltis Pocock 1894 [incl. Gipopeltis Speijer 1934; Typopeltinae]RC73
         |    |--*T. crucifer Pocock 1900RC73
         |    |--T. amurensis (Tarnani 1889)RC73
         |    |--T. cantonensis Speijer 1936 [incl. Mastigoproctus transoceanicus Lazell 2000]H04b
         |    |--T. dalyi Pocock 1900RC73
         |    |--T. harmandi Kraepelin 1901 [=*Gipopeltis harmandi]RC73
         |    |--T. kamahouii Tarnani 1900RC73
         |    |--T. kasnakowi Tarnani 1900H04a
         |    |--T. magnificus Haupt 2004H04a
         |    |--T. niger (Tarnani 1894)H04b
         |    |--T. sinensis Butler 1872H04b
         |    |--T. stimpsoni (Wood 1862)RC73
         |    `--T. tarnanii Pocock 1902RC73
         `--Mastigoproctinae [Mastigoproctidae, Uroproctinae]RC73
              |--Teltus Speijer 1936RC73
              |    `--*T. vanoorti Speijer 1936RC73
              |--Uroproctus Pocock 1894RC73
              |    `--*U. assamensis (Stoliczka 1869)RC73
              |--Amauromastigon Mello-Leitão 1931RC73
              |    `--*A. annectens (Werner 1916)RC73 [=Mastigoproctus annectensJ98]
              |--Mimoscorpius Pocock 1894RC73
              |    `--*M. pugnator (Butler 1872)RC73
              `--Mastigoproctus Pocock 1894RC73
                   |--*M. giganteus (Lucas 1835)RC73
                   |--M. baracoensis Franganillo 1931RC73
                   |--M. brasilianus (Koch 1843)H04b
                   |--M. butleri Pocock 1894RC73
                   |--M. colombianus Mello-Leitao 1940RC73
                   |--M. formidabilis Hirst 1912RC73
                   |--M. liochirus Pocock 1902RC73
                   |--M. maximus (Tarnani 1889)RC73
                   |--M. minensis Mello-Leitao 1931RC73
                   |--M. perditus Mello-Leitao 1931RC73
                   |--M. proscorpio (Latreille 1806)RC73
                   `--M. tantalus Roewer 1954RC73

*Type species of generic name indicated


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