Anterior of body, together with ventral view of gonopods, of Salvadoria alata, from Kraus (1954b).

Belongs within: Diplopoda.

The Vanhoeffeniidae has been used as a repository for a number of millipedes of uncertain affinities.

Characters (from Brues et al. 1954): Head not covered by first tergite; second tergite not enlarged; male with first pair of legs only on seventh somite modified into gonopods, coxae of gonopods widely separated but connected by broad, medially coalescent processes with median part raised and keel-shaped, gonopod without brush of hairs or seminal pouch.

    |    |--C. fuhrmanniK54a
    |    `--C. peruvianus Kraus 1954K54a
    |    |--F. carli Kraus 1955K55
    |    `--F. lividus Carl 1914K55
    |--Olmodesmus Kraus 1954K54a
    |    |--*O. laticeps Kraus 1954K54a
    |    |--O. longipes Kraus 1954K54a
    |    |--O. minimus Kraus 1954K55
    |    |--O. robustus Kraus 1955K55
    |    `--O. taulisensis Kraus 1954K55
    `--Salvadoria Kraus 1954K54b
         |--*S. alata Kraus 1954K54b
         |    |--S. a. alataK54b
         |    `--S. a. propinqua Kraus 1954K54b
         |--S. argentea Kraus 1954K54b
         |--S. furcata Kraus 1954K54b
         `--S. sagittalis Kraus 1954K54b

*Type species of generic name indicated


Brues, C. T., A. L. Melander & F. M. Carpenter. 1954. Classification of insects: keys to the living and extinct families of insects, and to the living families of other terrestrial arthropods. Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard College 108.

[K54a] Kraus, O. 1954a. Myriapoden aus Peru, II. Senckenbergiana Biologica 35: 17–55.

[K54b] Kraus, O. 1954b. Myriapoden aus El Salvador. Senckenbergiana Biologica 35 (5–6): 293–349.

[K55] Kraus, O. 1955. Myriapoden aus Peru, III. Senckenbergiana Biologica 36 (3–4): 173–200.

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