Vascoceras cauvini, copyright Hectonichus.

Belongs within: Acanthoceratoidea.

The Vascoceratidae are an Upper Cretaceous (Upper Cenomanian to Upper Turonian) lineage of ammonites with a predominantly Tethyan distribution (Wright et al. 1996).

Characters (from Wright et al. 1996): Rapidly losing ribbing and tuberculation; smooth or retaining only sparse, blunt umbilical or ventrolateral tubercles or short, coarse ribs. Suture generally with shallow, irregular, and slightly indented elements, occasionally with longer, well-indented elements. Whorl section and degree of involution very variable, even within species.

<==Vascoceratidae [Neoptychitinae, Vascoceratinae]WCH96
    |--Ezilloella Reyment 1954WCH96
    |    `--*E. ezilloensis Reyment 1954WCH96
    |--Infabricaticeras Cobban, Hook & Kennedy 1989WCH96
    |    `--*I. lunaense Cobban, Hook & Kennedy 1989WCH96
    |--Rubroceras Cobban, Hook & Kennedy 1989WCH96
    |    `--*R. alatum Cobban, Hook & Kennedy 1989WCH96
    |--Microdiphasoceras Cobban, Hook & Kennedy 1989WCH96
    |    `--*M. novimexicanum Cobban, Hook & Kennedy 1989WCH96
    |--Fagesia Pervinquière 1907 [incl. Plesiovascoceras Spath 1925]WCH96
    |    |--*F. superstes (Kossmat 1897) [=Olcostephanus superstes]WCH96
    |    `--‘Ammonites’ catinus Mantell 1822 [=*Plesiovascoceras catinum]WCH96
    |--Neoptychites Kossmat 1895 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
    |    |--N. cephalotus (Courtiller 1860) (see below for synonymy)WCH96
    |    |--N. andinus (Leanza 1967) [=*Pseudoneoptychites andinus]WCH96
    |    |--‘Hemitissotia (*Betiokytes)’ besairiei Collignon 1965WCH96
    |    `--‘Ammonites’ toroanus Karsten 1858 [=*Franciscoites toroanus]WCH96
    `--Vascoceras Choffat 1898 (see below for synonymy)WCH96
         |--*V. gamai Choffat 1898WCH96
         |--V. birchbyi Cobban & Scott 1972 [=V. (*Greenhornoceras) birchbyi]WCH96
         |--V. bulbosumHK81
         |--V. cauvini Chudeau 1909 [=*Paravascoceras cauvini]WCH96
         |--V. chevalieri Furon 1935 [incl. V. (*Paracanthoceras) chevalieri]WCH96
         |--*Pachyvascoceras’ crassum Furon 1935WCH96
         |--V. diartianum (Orbigny 1850)P93, WCH96 [=Ammonites diartianusWCH96, *Provascoceras diartianumWCH96]
         |--*Nannovascoceras’ intermedium Renz & Alvarez 1979WCH96
         |--V. mundaeHK81
         |--V. nigerienseHK81
         `--*Broggiiceras’ ohlssoni Benavides-Cáceras 1956WCH96

Neoptychites Kossmat 1895 [incl. Betiokytes Collignon 1965, Franciscoites Etayo Serna 1979, Pseudoneoptychites Leanza 1967]WCH96

Neoptychites cephalotus (Courtiller 1860) [=Ammonites cephalotus; incl. A. telinga Stoliczka 1865, *Neoptychites telinga]WCH96

Vascoceras Choffat 1898 [incl. Broggiiceras Benavides-Cáceras 1956, Greenhornoceras Cobban & Scott 1972, Nannovascoceras Renz & Alvarez 1979, Pachyvascoceras Furon 1935, Paracanthoceras Furon 1935, Paravascoceras Furon 1935, Provascoceras Cooper 1979]WCH96

*Type species of generic name indicated


[HK81] Hancock, J. M., & W. J. Kennedy. 1981. Upper Cretaceous ammonite stratigraphy: some current problems. In: House, M. R., & J. R. Senior (eds) The Ammonoidea: The evolution, classification, mode of life and geological usefulness of a major fossil group pp. 531–553. Academic Press.

[P93] Page, K. N. 1993. Mollusca: Cephalopoda (Ammonoidea: Phylloceratina, Lytoceratina, Ammonitina and Ancyloceratina). In: Benton, M. J. (ed.) The Fossil Record 2 pp. 213–227. Chapman & Hall: London.

[WCH96] Wright, C. W., J. H. Calloman & M. K. Howarth. 1996. Treatise on Invertebrate Paleontology pt L. Mollusca 4, revised vol. 4. Cretaceous Ammonoidea. The Geological Society of America, Inc.: Boulder (Colorado), and The University of Kansas: Lawrence (Kansas).

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