Venonia micarioides, copyright Angus Veitch.

Belongs within: Lycosidae.

Venonia is a genus of small, slender wolf spiders found in southeast Asia and Australasia that build small sheet-webs close to the ground (Yoo & Framenau 2006).

Characters (from Yoo & Framenau 2006): Coloration uniform, light brown to black, with posterodorsal white spot on abdomen; male pedipalp with strongly asymmetrical cymbium appearing apico-retrolaterally truncated, tegular apophysis membranous, embolic division reduced, pedipalp tibia rotated in relation to femur so that pedipalp bulbs are facing each other; epigyne with posterior central incision, lacking sclerotised plate.

<==Venonia Thorell 1894YF06
    |--V. kokoda Lehtinen & Hippa 1979YF06
    `--+--V. micarioides (Koch 1877) [=Aulonia micarioides, Artoria micarioides]YF06
       `--+--V. infundibulum Yoo & Framenau 2006YF06
          |--V. kimjoopili Yoo & Framenau 2006YF06
          |--V. nata Yoo & Framenau 2006YF06
          |--V. sungahae Yoo & Framenau 2006YF06
          |--V. vilkkii Lehtinen & Hippa 1979YF06
          `--+--+--V. cinctipes (Simon 1898) [=Anomalomma cinctipes]YF06
             |  `--V. muju (Chrysanthus 1967) [=Anomalomma muju]YF06
             `--+--*V. coruscans Thorell 1894YF06
                `--+--+--V. chaiwooi Yoo & Framenau 2006YF06
                   |  `--V. joejim Yoo & Framenau 2006YF06
                   `--+--V. micans (Simon 1898) [=Anomalomma micans; incl. V. gabrielae Barrion & Litsinger 1995]YF06
                      `--+--V. choiae Yoo & Framenau 2006YF06
                         `--V. milla Lehtinen & Hippa 1979YF06

*Type species of generic name indicated


[YF06] Yoo, J.-S., & V. W. Framenau. 2006. Systematics and biogeography of the sheet-web building wolf spider genus Venonia (Araneae: Lycosidae). Invertebrate Systematics 20: 675–712.

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