Apple scab Venturia inaequalis, copyright Luke Milliron.

Belongs within: Pleosporomycetidae.

The Venturiaceae are a group of fungi that are usually biotrophic or nectrophic on the leaves or stems of plants (Kirk et al. 2001).

Characters (from Kirk et al. 2001): Ascomata perithecial, becoming superficial, usually small, more or less globose, sometimes aggregated into stromata, often setose or hairy, opening by a well-defined lysigenous pore; peridium composed of more or less small pseudoparenchymatous cells. Interascal tissue of narrowly cellular pseudoparaphyses, sometimes evanescent. Asci more or less cylindrical, fissitunicate. Ascospores variously pigmented, usually asymmetrical, 1-septate, sometimes with a sheath. Anamorphs usually prominent, hyphomycetous.

|--Antennularia Rchb. 1828 (see below for synonymy)KC01
|--Arkoola Walker & Stovold 1986KC01
|--Atopospora Petr. 1925KC01
|--Botryostroma Höhn. 1911 [incl. Parodiellina Viégas 1944 non Henn. ex Arnaud 1918, Robledia Chardón 1929]KC01
|--Caproventuria Braun 1998KC01
|--Coleroa Rabenh. 1850 [incl. Aphysa Theiss. & Syd. 1917, Cyphospilea Syd. 1926, Hormotheca Bonord. 1864]KC01
|--Crotone Theiss. & Syd. 1915KC01
|--Lasiobotrys Kunze 1823KC01
|--Lineostroma Swart 1988KC01
|--Metacoleroa Petr. 1927KC01
|--Phragmogibbera Samuels & Rogerson 1990KC01
|--Platychora Petr. 1925KC01
|--Polyrhizon Theiss. & Syd. 1914KC01
|--Pseudoparodiella Stevens 1927KC01
|--Pyrenobotrys Theiss. & Syd. 1914KC01
|--Rhizogene Syd. & Syd. 1921KC01
|--Rosenscheldiella Theiss. & Syd. 1915 (see below for synonymy)KC01
|--Trichodothella Petr. 1946KC01
|--Trichodothis Theiss. & Syd. 1914KC01
|--Uleodothis Theiss. & Syd. 1915 [=Didothis Clem. 1931]KC01
|--Fusicladium Bonord. 1851 (see below for synonymy)KC01
|--Gibbera Fr. 1825 (see below for synonymy)KC01
|--Piggotia Berk. & Broome 1851 [incl. Basiascella Bubák 1914]KC01
|--Acantharia Theiss. & Syd. 1918 [incl. Arnaudia Bat. 1960, Neogibbera Petr. 1947]KC01
| `--‘Fusicladium’ carpophilum [=Cladosporium carpophilum]KC01
|--Apiosporina Höhn. 1910 [incl. Parodiodia Bat. 1960]KC01
| `--A. collinsiiKC01
|--Dibotryon Theiss. & Syd. 1915KC01
| `--D. morbosum [=Apiosporina morbosa]KC01
|--Xenomeris Syd. 1924KC01
| `--X. abietisKC01
|--Phaeocryptopus Naumov 1915 (see below for synonymy)KC01
| |--P. gaeumanniiKC01
| `--‘Rhizosphaera’ kalkhoffiiKC01
`--Venturia Sacc. 1882 (nom. cons.) (see below for synonymy)KC01
|--V. calospora [=Eriosphaeria calospora; incl. E. calospora var. infossa]SS16
|--V. cerasiKC01
|--V. chlorosporaKC01
|--V. inaequalisDAF07
|--V. liriodendriE99
|--‘Spilocaea’ oleagineaL98
|--V. pirinaKC01
|--‘Spilocaea’ pomi [incl. S. dendriticum]KC01
`--‘Polliccia’ radiosaKC01

Antennularia Rchb. 1828 [incl. Aloysiella Mattir. & Sacc. 1908, Antennaria Link 1809 non Gaertn. 1791, Antennataria Rchb. 1841, Antennina Fr. 1849, Cryptoparodia Petr. 1950, Dimerosporiopsis Henn. 1901, Melanostromella Petr. 1953, Periline Syd. 1939, Protoventuria Berl. & Sacc. 1887, Venturia De Not. 1844 (nom. rej.) non Sacc. 1882 (nom. cons.)]KC01

Fusicladium Bonord. 1851 [incl. Fusicladiopsis Karak. & Vassiljevsky 1937 non Maire 1907, Karakulinia Golovina 1964, Megacladosporium Vienn.-Bourg. 1949, Ramalia Bat. 1957]KC01

Gibbera Fr. 1825 [=Montagnina Höhn. 1910; incl. Dictyodochium Sivan. 1984, Maireella Syd. ex Maire 1908, Pseudotthia Henn. 1900, Winteromyces Speg. 1912]KC01

Phaeocryptopus Naumov 1915 [incl. Adelopus Theiss. 1918, Cryptopus Theiss. 1914 non Lindl. 1824, Ectosticta Speg. 1912, Gelatosphaera Bat. & Maia 1959, Rhizophoma Petr. & Syd. 1927, Rhizosphaera Mangin & Har. 1907 non Haeckel 1860 (ICZN)]KC01

Rosenscheldiella Theiss. & Syd. 1915 [incl. Botryothecium Syd. 1937, Monopus Theiss. & Syd. 1915, Scutelloidea Tim 1971]KC01

Venturia Sacc. 1882 (nom. cons.) [incl. Actinodothidopsis Stevens 1925, Actinonema Fr. 1849 non Pers. 1822, Asterula (Sacc.) Sacc. 1891, Basiascum Cavara 1888, Cycloconium Castagne 1845, Endocoleroa Petr. 1969, Endostigme Syd. 1923, Napicladium Thüm. 1875, Phaeosphaerella Karst. 1888, Phaeosporella Keissl. 1922, Phasya Syd. 1934, Phlyctidium Wallr. 1833, Pollaccia Bald. & Cif. 1937, Sphaerellopsis Kleb. 1918 non Cooke 1883, Spilocaea Fr. 1819, Spilosticta Syd. 1923]KC01

*Type species of generic name indicated


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