Verticordia deshayesiana, from

Belongs within: Pholadomyoida.

The Verticordiidae are a cosmopolitan group of small, usually deep-water bivalves with a heart-shaped to subquate shell with strongly incurved beaks.

Verticordiidae [Verticordioidea]
    |–Policordia diomedea Dall, Bartsch & Rehder 1938 MG-H11
    |–Manihikia erecta Kauffman 1976 SB93
    |–Haliris (Setaliris Iredale 1930) P61
    |    `–H. (*S.) setosa (Hedley 1907) [=Verticordia setosa] P61
    |–Euciroa Dall 1886 [Euciroidae] P61
    |    |–*E. elegantissima [=Verticordia elegantissima] P61
    |    |–E. delectabile Dell 1956 P61
    |    `–E. millegemmata (Kuroda & Habe in Kuroda 1952) MG-H11
    `–Verticordia H09
         |–V. australiensis Smith 1885 H09
         |–V. cardiiformis C64
         |–V. deshayesiana Fischer 1862 H09
         |–V. (Verticordia) ornata (Orbigny 1846) PP78 [incl. V. novemcostata C64]
         `–V. torrida Hedley 1906 H09

*Type species of generic name indicated


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