Vertigo pusilla, copyright O. Gargominy.

Belongs within: Pupilloidea.

The Vertigininae are a group of snails with reduced tentacles and a penis lacking an appendix and with a simple retractor.

<==Vertigininae [Vertigineae, Vertigini]
|--Bothriopupa Pilsbry 1898BP90
| `--B. variolosaBP90
|--Sterkia Pilsbry 1898BP90
| `--S. eyrieseBP90
| |--S. e. eyrieseBP90
| `--S. e. rhoadsiBP90
`--Vertigo Müller 1773BR17
| i. s.: V. californicaBP90
| V. coloradensisPF15 [=V. gouldi coloradensisB65]
| |--V. c. coloradensisPF15
| `--V. c. arizonensisPF15
| V. diversidensE99
| V. gouldiiW79
| V. insertaWK13
| V. interferens (Deshayes 1863)TTE93
| V. meramecensis VanDevender 1979NC01
| V. miliumBP90
| V. nouletiE99
| V. ovataPF15
| V. oviformis Michaud in Deshayes 1863TTE93
| V. parvulaBP90
| V. simplexW79
| V. tridentataG59
| V. ventricosaG59
|--V. (Vertigo)G40
| |--*V. (V.) pusilla Müller 1774BR17 [incl. Pupa vertigoG40]
| `--V. (V.) angustior [incl. Turbo vertigo]G40
`--V. (Isthmia)G40
|--V. (I.) alpestrisG40
|--V. (I.) cylindrica [=Alaea cylindrica, Helix (Isthima) cylindrica; incl. Pupa minuta, P. minutissima]G40
|--V. (I.) edentula (see below for synonymy)G40
|--V. (I.) palustrisG40 (see below for synonymy)
|--V. (I.) pygmaea [=Pupa pygmaea; incl. V. vulgaris, Alaea vulgaris]G40
`--V. (I.) substriata (see below for synonymy)G40

Vertigo (Isthmia) edentula [=Pupa edentula, Jaminia edentula, Turbo edentulus; incl. Alaea nitida, Vertigo nitida, Turbo offtonensis, Alaea revoluta]G40

Vertigo (Isthmia) palustrisG40 [=Alaea palustrisG40; incl. Pupa antivertigoG40, Vertigo antivertigoH79, V. montagua msG40, Helix septemdentataG40]

Vertigo (Isthmia) substriata [=Alaea substriata, Pupa substriata; incl. Turbo sexdentatus, P. sexdentata, Vertigo sexdentata, V. similis]G40

*Type species of generic name indicated


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