Reconstruction of Thucydia mahoningensis, from Hernandez-Castillo et al. (2003).

Belongs within: Coniferophyta.

The Voltziales are early conifers known from the Late Carboniferous and Early Permian. Members were relatively small trees bearing plagiotropic lateral branches of determinate growth producing terminal cones (Rothwell et al. 2005).

<==Voltziales [Walchiaceae]
    |--+--Genoites patagonicaRMH-C05
    |  `--FerugliocladaceaeC93
    |       |--Ugartecladus genoensis Archangelsky & Cúneo 1987C93
    |       `--FerugliocladusRMH-C05
    |            |--F. patagonicus (Feruglio) Archangelsky & Cúneo 1987C93
    |            `--F. riojanum Archangelsky & Cúneo 1987C93
    `--+--Concholepis harrisiiRMH-C05
       |--Timanostrobus muravieviiRMH-C05
       `--+--Kungurodendron sharoviiRMH-C05
          `--+--Thucydia Hernandez-Castillo, Rothwell & Mapes 2001RMH-C05, H-CRM01 [Thucydiaceae]
             |    `--*T. mahoningensis Hernandez-Castillo, Rothwell & Mapes 2001H-CRM01
             `--+--Ernestiodendron filiciformeRMH-C05
                   |  |    |--O. junkeriH-CRM01
                   |  |    |--O. leonardii Florin 1964C93
                   |  |    `--O. visscheriH-CRM01
                   |  `--Voltziaceae [Cycadocarpidiacae, Swedenborgiaceae]C93
                   |       |  i. s.: Protodammara speciosa Hollick & Jeffrey 1909C93
                   |       |         Dectylolepis cyrptomerioides Hollick & Jeffrey 1909C93
                   |       |--VoltziaRMH-C05
                   |       |    |--V. heterophylla Brongniart 1835C93
                   |       |    |--V. hexagonaRMH-C05
                   |       |    `--V. hungaricaG31
                   |       `--+--AethophyllumRMH-C05
                   |          |    |--A. speciosum Schimper 1869C93
                   |          |    `--A. stipulareRMH-C05
                   |          `--MajonicaceaeC93
                   |               |--Dolmitia cittertiae Clement-Westerhof 1987C93
                   |               |--Majonica palina Clement-Westerhof 1987RMH-C05, C93
                   |               `--PseudovoltziaC93
                   |                    |--P. liebeana (Geinitz) Florin 1927C93 [=Voltzia liebeanaH-CRM01]
                   |                    `--P. sjerpii Clement-Westerhof 1987C93
                   `--Emporiaceae [Bartheliaceae]RMH-C05
                        |  i. s.: PotonieisporitesRMH-C05
                        |           |--*P. novicusRM01
                        |           |--P. granulatusRM01
                        |           `--P. neglectusRM01
                        |--Hanskerpia Rothwell, Mapes & Hernandez-Castillo 2005RMH-C05
                        |    `--*H. hamiltonensis Rothwell, Mapes & Hernandez-Castillo 2005RMH-C05
                        `--+--Barthelia Rothwell & Mapes 2001RMH-C05, RM01
                           |    `--*B. furcata Rothwell & Mapes 2001RM01
                           `--+--Emporia Mapes & Rothwell 2003RMH-C05, MR03
                              |    `--*E. lockardii (Mapes & Rothwell) Mapes & Rothwell 2003 (see below for synonymy)MR03
                              `--Utrechtiaceae [Lebachiaceae]RMH-C05
                                   |--Walchianthus cylindraceusRM01
                                   |--Otovicia hypnoides [=Lebachia hypnoides]RMH-C05
                                   `--Utrechtia Mapes & Rothwell in Rothwell & Mapes 2003RMH-C05, RM03 (see below for synonymy)
                                        |--*U. floriniformis Mapes & Rothwell in Rothwell & Mapes 2003RM03 (see below for synonymy)
                                        |--‘Lebachia’ americanaRM01
                                        |--‘Walchia’ arnhardtii [=Ernestodendron arnhardtii]H-CRM01
                                        |--‘Walchia’ crassusRM01
                                        |--‘Walchia’ filiformis G31
                                        |--‘Lebachia’ frondosaH-CRM01
                                        |--‘Lebachia’ garnettensisH-CRM01
                                        |--‘Walchia’ germanica [=Ernestodendron germanica]H-CRM01
                                        |--‘Lebachia’ goeppertianaH-CRM01
                                        |--‘Lebachia’ laxifoliaH-CRM01
                                        |--‘Lebachia’ parvifoliaH-CRM01
                                        |--‘Walchia’ schlotheimii [=Lebachia schlotheimii]H-CRM01
                                        `--‘Lebachia’ speciosaH-CRM01

Voltziales incertae sedis:
    |--L. gouldiiH-CRM01
    `--L. grandeuryiH-CRM01
  Ullmannia Göppert 1850H-CRM01, C93 [Ullmanniaceae]
    |--U. biarmicaG31
    |--U. bronnii Göppert 1850C93
    |--U. caulerpaK64
    |--U. frumentaria Göppert 1850C93
    |--U. geinitziG31
    `--U. selaginoidesG31
  Walchiostrobus [incl. Thuringiostrobus]H-CRM01
    |--W. gothanii [=Lebachia gothanii]H-CRM01
    `--W. lodevensisH-CRM01
  Batenburgia sakmaricaH-CRM01
  Maculostrobus willsi Townrow 1962W70

*Emporia lockardii (Mapes & Rothwell) Mapes & Rothwell 2003 [=Lebachia lockardii Mapes & Rothwell 1984]MR03

Utrechtia Mapes & Rothwell in Rothwell & Mapes 2003RMH-C05, RM03 [incl. HermitiaRM03, Lebachia (nom. illeg.)RM03]

Utrechtia floriniformis Mapes & Rothwell in Rothwell & Mapes 2003RM03 [incl. *Lebachia piniformisH-CRM01, *Walchia piniformis (n. d.)H-CRM01]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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