Hebrew volute Voluta ebraea, copyright Thelma Lúcia Pereira Dias.

Belongs within: Volutoidea.

Voluta is a genus of more or less large volutes found in the tropics of the West Atlantic with a solid, ovate to elongate-ovate shell.

<==Voluta Linnaeus 1758 [Volutidia, Volutini]BR05
    |--*V. musica Linnaeus 1758BR17
    |--V. aculeataH86
    |--V. aethiopica Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. amphora Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. anguria Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. attenuataH86
    |--V. aulicaB42
    |--V. auransiaca Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. bednalliP79
    |--V. breviplicata Forbes 1846 [=Cancellaria breviplicata]PH90
    |--V. capitata Perry 1811F27
    |--V. cithara Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. cornicula Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. deshayesiP79
    |--V. ebraea Linnaeus 1758LB89
    |--V. elongata Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. ‘elongata’ Pease 1867 nec Lightfoot 1786 nec Swainson 1821 nec d’Orbigny 1843F27
    |--V. exoptandraP79
    |--V. filosa Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. fusiformisP79
    |--V. gravis Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. harfordiP79
    |--V. hargravesiP79
    |--V. haustrum Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. imperialis Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. incompta Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. incrassata Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. kirkiiH86
    |--V. lambertiS00
    |--V. lensC64
    |--V. maculataB79
    |--V. mamillaP79
    |--V. mariaemmaP79
    |--V. miliaria Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. mitriformisP79
    |--V. monilis Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. muricata Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. nobilis Lightfoot 1786K65
    |--V. norrissii Gray 1838WG71
    |--V. olla Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. papillosa [incl. V. papillosa var. macquariensis]P79
    |--V. paupercula Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. pertusa Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. piperata [incl. V. piperata var. macgillivrayi]P79
    |--V. porphyria Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. praetextaP79
    |--V. pseudorarispinaH79
    |--V. ‘reticulata’ Reeve 1843 non Linnaeus 1767R43
    |--V. rossinianaP79
    |--V. rustica Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. stephensiQ72
    |--V. subplicataH79
    |--V. tenebrosaC64
    |--V. thatcheriP79
    |--V. tringa Linnaeus 1758L58
    |--V. undulata (see below for synonymy)P79
    |--V. uniplicata Sowerby 1900S00
    |--V. vespertilio Linnaeus 1758L58
    `--V. virescens Lightfoot 1786L06

Nomen nudum: Voluta dufresnii Donovan 1834C64

Voluta undulata [incl. V. undulata var. angasi, V. undulata var. australiae, V. undulata var. kingi, V. undulata var. sclateri]P79

*Type species of generic name indicated


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