Specimens of Microvoluta australis, copyright Des Beechey.

Belongs within: Neogastropoda.

The Volutomitridae are a small family of neogastropods with a mitre-shaped shell bearing large plaits on the columella, and a radula similar to that of the volute genus Scaphella (Beechey 2003). They are most diverse in the Southern Hemisphere, with only a very few species in the Northern. The majority of species live subtidally, often in deep waters.

`--+--Volutomitra Adams & Adams 1853FP15, BR05 [Volutomitrina, Volutomitrinae]
| |--*V. groenlandica (Möller 1842)BR17 (see below for synonymy)
| |--V. alaskana Dall 1902O27
| |--V. glabellaFP15
| `--V. zigzagFP15
`--Microvoluta Angas 1877FP15, BR05 [Microvolutidae]
|--*M. australis Angas 1877C75
|--M. biconica (Murdoch & Suter 1906)P61 [=Vulpecula biconicaF27a]
|--M. cuvierensis Finlay 1930P61
|--M. garrardi Cernohorsky 1975C75
|--M. joloensisFP15
|--M. lincta [=Turricula lincta, Vexillum linctum]F27a
|--M. marginata (Hutton 1885)C75
|--M. miranda (Smith 1891)W94
|--M. obconica Powell 1952P61
|--M. pentaploca Finlay 1927C75 [=Mitra ligata Tate 1889 non Adams 1853F27b, Conomitra ligataF27b]
|--M. ponderi Cernohorsky 1975C75
|--M. royana Iredale 1924 [incl. M. jervisensis Laseron 1951]W94
`--M. stadialis (Hedley 1911) [=Mitra stadialis, Austromitra stadialis]C75

Volutomitridae incertae sedis:
Paradmete Strebel 1908 [Paradmetidae]PH90
|--*P. typica Strebel 1908PH90
`--P. cancellariaB70
Peculator Iredale 1924 [Peculatoridae]BR05
|--*P. verconis Iredale 1924P61, MG-H11
|--P. bacatus Cernohorsky 1980W94
|--P. hedleyi (Murdoch 1905)P61
`--P. porphyria (Verco 1896) [incl. P. coma Odhner 1924]W94
Conomitra Conrad 1865TTE93, F27a
|--*C. fusoides [=Mitra fusoides]F27a
`--C. glabra (Ravn 1933)TTE93
Waimatea Finlay 1927 [incl. Compsomitra Marwick 1942]W94
|--*W. inconspicua (Hutton 1885) [=Mitra inconspicua]F27a
|--W. apicicostata (Suter 1917) [=Vexillum apicicostatum]F27a
|--W. complanata [=Mitra complanata]F27a
|--W. dennanti [=Conomitra dennanti]F27a
|--*Compsomitra’ incisaW94
|--W. obscura (Hutton 1873) (see below for synonymy)W94
|--W. othone [=Conomitra othone]F27a
`--W. othoniana (Finlay 1924) [=Conomitra othoniana]F27a

*Volutomitra groenlandica (Möller 1842)BR17 [=Voluta groenlandicaBR17; incl. Mitra castanea Bolten 1798H08, V. digna Adams 1855H08, M. melaniana Lamarck 1811H08, Voluta nigra Gmelin 1791H08, Mitra nigraH08]

Waimatea obscura (Hutton 1873) [=Mitra obscura, Proximitra obscura; incl. M. albopicta Smith 1898, Waimatea pica Reeve 1845]W94

*Type species of generic name indicated


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