Volutopsius fragilis, copyright Jacksonville Shell Club.

Belongs within: Volutopsiinae.

Volutopsius is a genus of whelks found in boreal and Arctic oceans (Oldroyd 1927).

Characters (from Oldroyd 1927): Shell large, frequently rude or irregular, with last whorl largest, covered by thin, inconspicuous, more or less dehiscent periostracum; spire short, blunt, beginning with relatively large, smooth, bulbous nucleus; sculpture variable, smooth, spirally striate or with indistinct wave-like, axially directed prominences or with feeble axial ribs; aperture ample; canal short, wide, hardly differentiated. Operculum short-ovate or rounded-quadrate, nucleus at right anterior corner.

Volutopsius Mörch 1857 [incl. Strombella Gray 1857]KF22
|--V. regularis (Dall 1873)KF22 [=Volutopsis beringi regularisO27]
`--+--V. fragilis (Dall 1891)KF22, O27
`--V. trophonius Dall 1902KF22, O27

Volutopsius incertae sedis:
V. norwegicus (Gmelin 1790) (see below for synonymy)KF22
V. attenuatus Dall 1874O27
V. beringi Middendorff 1846O27
|--V. b. beringiO27
`--V. b. kobelti Dall 1902O27
V. callorhinus Dall 1877O27
|--V. c. callorhinusO27
`--V. c. stejnegeri Dall 1884O27
V. castaneus Mörch 1858O27
V. filosus Dall 1919O27
V. melonis Dall 1891O27
V. middendorffii (Dall 1891) [=Strombella middendorffii]O27
V. rotundus Dall 1919O27
V. simplex Dall 1907O27
V. stefanssoni Dall 1919O27

Volutopsius norwegicus (Gmelin 1790) [=Strombus norwegicus; incl. Fusus largillierti Petit de la Saussaye 1851, *Volutopsius largillierti]KF22

*Type species of generic name indicated


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[O27] Oldroyd, I. S. 1927. The Marine Shells of the West Coast of North America vol. 2 pt 1. Stanford University Press: Stanford University (California).

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