Southern hairy-nosed wombat Lasiorhinus latifrons, from Blanchetown Allsorts.

Belongs within: Diprotodontia.
Contains: Diprotodontidae.

The Vombatomorphia include the living wombats (Vombatidae) and their fossil relatives. These include such diverse forms as the marsupial lions (Thylacoleonidae), the rhinoceros-like Diprotodontidae, and the large clawed herbivores of the Palorchestidae.

    |--Thylacoleonidae [Wakaleoninae]LA02
    |    |--Priscileo Rauscher 1987LA02
    |    |    |--*P. pitikantensis Rauscher 1987LA02
    |    |    `--P. roskellyae Gillespie 1997LA02
    |    `--+--Wakaleo Clemens & Plane 1974LA02
    |       |    |--W. oldfieldi Clemens & Plane 1974AD82, LA02
    |       |    `--+--*W. vanderleueri Clemens & Plane 1974LA02, AD82, LA02
    |       |       `--W. alcootaensis Archer & Rich 1982AD82, LA02
    |       `--Thylacoleo Gervais 1852LA02 (see below for synonymy)
    |            |--T. hilli Pledge 1977AD82, LA02
    |            `--+--*T. carnifex Owen 1858LA02, AD82, LA02 (see below for synonymy)
    |               `--T. crassidentatus Bartholomai 1962AD82, LA02
       |    |--Kuterintja Pledge 1987LA02
       |    |    `--*K. ngama Pledge 1987LA02
       |    `--Ilaria Tedford & Woodburne 1987LA02
       |         |--*I. illumidens Tedford & Woodburne 1987LA02
       |         `--I. lawsoni Tedford & Woodburne 1987LA02
       |    |--Ayekaye jaredi Megirian et al. 2004BA12
       |    |--Wynyardia Spencer 1901LA02
       |    |    `--*W. bassiana Spencer 1901LA02
       |    |--Muramura Pledge 1987LA02
       |    |    |--*M. williamsi Pledge 1987LA02
       |    |    `--M. pinpensis Pledge 2003BA12
       |    `--Namilamadeta Rich & Archer 1979LA02
       |         |--*N. snideri Rich & Archer 1979LA02
       |         |--N. albivenator Pledge 2005BA12
       |         |--N. crassirostrum Pledge 2005BA12
       |         `--N. superior Pledge 2005BA12
       `--+--Marada Black 2007B07 [MaradidaeBA12]
          |    `--*M. arcanum Black 2007BA12
             |    |--DiprotodontidaeBA12
             |    `--PalorchestidaeLA02
             |         |--Propalorchestes Murray 1986LA02
             |         |    |--*P. novaculacephalus Murray 1986LA02
             |         |    `--P. ponticulus Murray 1990LA02
             |         `--Palorchestes Owen 1873LA02
             |              |--*P. azael Owen 1873LA02
             |              |--P. anulus Black 1997LA02
             |              |--P. painei Woodburne 1967LA02
             |              |--P. parvus De Vis 1895LA02
             |              |--P. pickeringi Piper 2006BA12
             |              |--P. rephaim Ramsay 1885F71
             |              `--P. selestiae Mackness 1995LA02
             `--Vombatidae [Phascolomidae, Vombatoidea]BA12
                  |  i. s.: Wombatula Troughton 1941R64
                  |           `--*W. gillespiei (De Vis 1900) [=Phascolomys gillespiei]R64
                  |         ‘Sarcophilus’ prior De Vis 1883WHR82
                  |--Rhizophascolonus Stirton, Tedford & Woodburne 1967LA02
                  |    `--*R. crowcrofti Stirton, Tedford & Woodburne 1967LA02
                  `--+--Warendja Hope & Wilkinson 1982LA02
                     |    |--*W. wakefieldi Hope & Wilkinson 1982LA02
                     |    `--W. encorensis Brewer et al. 2007BA12
                     `--+--Vombatus Geoffroy 1803LA02
                        |    |--*V. ursinus (Shaw 1800)LA02
                        |    |--V. hacketti (Glauert 1910)LA02
                        |    `--V. hirsutus (see below for synonymy)W78
                        `--+--Ramsayia Tate 1951LA02
                           |    |--*R. magna (Owen 1872)LA02
                           |    `--R. lemleyi (Archer 1976)LA02
                           `--+--Lasiorhinus Gray 1863LA02
                              |    |--*L. latifrons (Owen 1845)LA02
                              |    |    |--L. l. latifronsR64
                              |    |    `--L. l. barnardi Longman 1939R64
                              |    |--L. angustidens (De Vis 1891)LA02
                              |    |--L. gillespieiUSDI77
                              |    `--L. krefftiiCB-E04
                              `--+--Phascolonus Owen 1872LA02
                                 |    `--*P. gigas (Owen 1858)LA02 [=Phascolomys (Phascolonus) gigasF71]
                                      |--P. curvirostris Owen 1885F71
                                      |--P. medius Owen 1872LA02
                                      |--P. mitchelliB97
                                      |--P. ursinusA14
                                      `--‘Phascolomis’ vombatus Leach 1815R64

Thylacoleo Gervais 1852LA02 [incl. Plectodon Krefft 1870 non Carpenter 1864AD82, Schizodon Stutchbury 1853 nec Agassiz 1829 nec Waterhouse 1842AD82, Thylacopardus Owen 1888AD82; Thylacoleoninae]

*Thylacoleo carnifex Owen 1858LA02, AD82, LA02 [incl. Mylodon australis Krefft 1870AD82, Thylacopardus australis Owen 1888AD82, Prochaerus celer De Vis 1886AD82, Thylacoleo oweni McCoy 1876AD82, Thylacoleo robustus Krefft 1872AD82]

Vombatus hirsutus [incl. V. mitchellii, V. parvus, Phascolomys platyrhinus, P. pliocenus McCoy 1866, Vombatus pliocenus, V. thompsoni]W78

*Type species of generic name indicated


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