Xanthodaphne membranacea, copyright Natural History Museum, London.

Belongs within: Raphitomidae.

Xanthodaphne is a genus of deep-water conoids with an ovate, sometimes almost globose, shell (Powell 1966).

Characters (from Powell 1966): Shell of moderate size, up to 24 mm, broadly ovate, almost globose, very thin, with widely open aperture and thin-edged, protractively arcuate outer lip. Columella almost straight, aperture narrowing to a short unnotched anterior canal. Sinus at the suture, deep and wide. Surface of adult shell densely and finely striated, crossed by numerous thin axials which are slightly stronger than growth lines.

<==Xanthodaphne Powell 1942BK11
    |--*X. membranacea (Watson 1886)BW80 [=Pleurotoma (Thesbia) membranaceaP66]
    |--X. bruneri (Verrill 1884) [=Pleurotomella bruneri]BW80
    |--X. charcotiana Bouchet & Waren 1980BW80
    |--X. dalmasi (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1897)BW80 (see below for synonymy)
    |--X. heterogramma (Odhner 1960) [=Pleurotomella heterogramma]BW80
    |--X. leptalea (Bush 1893)BW80 [=Pleurotoma leptaleaBW80; incl. Thesbia folini Locard 1897BW80, Bathybela foliniP66]
    |--X. maoria (Dell 1956)P66
    |--X. pyrropelex (Barnard 1963) [=Typhlosyrinx pyrropelex]BS01
    |--X. subrosea (Barnard 1963) [=Typhlosyrinx subrosea]BS01
    `--X. xanthias (Watson 1886) [=Pleurotoma (Thesbia) xanthias]P66

Xanthodaphne dalmasi (Dautzenberg & Fischer 1897)BW80 [=Pleurotoma dalmasiBW80, Azorita dalmasiBW80, Pleurotomella dalmasiP66, Pseudazorita dalmasiBW80]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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