Flag leaves showing symptoms of infection with Xanthomonas translucens, copyright E. A. Milus.

Belongs within: Chromatibacteria.

Xanthomonas is a genus of motile, rod-shaped bacteria found growing in association with plants, often causing diseases such as bacterial spots and blights.

    |–X. albilineans RG04
    |–X. arboricola RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. arboricola RG04
    |    `–X. a. pv. juglandis RG04
    |–X. axonopodis RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. axonopodis RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. alfalfae RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. allii (Kadota, Uehara et al.) Roumagnac, Gagnevin et al. 2004 (see below for synonymy) RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. aurantifolii RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. begoniae RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. citri RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. citrumelo RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. coracanae RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. glycines RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. malvacearum RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. manihotis RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. phaseoli RG04
    |    |    |–X. a. pv. p. var. phaseoli RG04
    |    |    `–X. a. pv. p. var. fuscans RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. sesbaniae RG04
    |    |–X. a. pv. vesicatoria RG04
    |    `–X. a. pv. vitians RG04
    |–X. bromi RG04
    |–X. campestris RG04
    |–X. cassavae RG04
    |–X. codiaei RG04
    |–X. cucurbitae RG04
    |–X. cynarae RG04
    |–X. fragariae RG04
    |–X. hortorum RG04
    |    |–X. h. pv. hortorum RG04
    |    `–X. h. pv. pelargonii RG04
    |–X. hyacinthi RG04
    |–X. maltophila PHK96
    |–X. melonis RG04
    |–X. oryzae RG04
    |–X. pisi RG04
    |–X. populi RG04
    |–X. sacchari RG04
    |–X. theicola RG04
    |–X. translucens RG04
    |–X. vasicola RG04
    |    |–X. v. pv. vasicola RG04
    |    `–X. v. pv. holcicola RG04
    `–X. vesicatoria RG04

Xanthomonas axonopodis pv. allii (Kadota, Uehara et al.) Roumagnac, Gagnevin et al. 2004 [=X. campestris pv. allii Kadota, Uehara et al. 2000] RG04

*Type species of generic name indicated


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Roumagnac, P., L. Gagnevin, L. Gardan, L. Sutra, C. Manceau, E. R. Dickstein, J. B. Jones, P. Rott & O. Pruvost. 2004. Polyphasic characterization of xanthomonads isolated from onion, garlic and Welsh onion (Allium spp.) and their relatedness to different Xanthomonas species. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 54: 15–24.

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