Zeacolpus blacki, copyright Te Papa Tongarewa.

Belongs within: Turritellidae.

Zeacolpus is a predominantly New Zealand genus of turritellid gastropods (with Z. bartoni known from the Eocene of Western Australia) characterised by a paucispiral apex of one whorl and a sculpture of spiral cords (Finlay 1927a).

<==Zeacolpus Finlay 1927 [Zeacolpini]W93
| i. s.: Z. albolapis (Finlay 1924)F27a [=Turritella albolapisF27a, T. concava Hutton 1877 (preoc.)F27b]
| Z. bartoni Darragh & Kendrick 2008DK08
| Z. lornensis (Marwick 1926) [=Turritella lornensis]F27a
| Z. semiconcavus [=Turritella semiconcava]F27a
|--Z. (Zeacolpus)P61
| |--*Z. (Z.) vittatus (Hutton 1873)P61 [=Turritella (Haustator) vittataW93; incl. T. carlottae Watson 1881F27a]
| |--Z. (Z.) abscisus [=Turritella abscisa]PB29
| `--Z. (Z.) tetleyi (Powell & Bartrum 1929) [=Turritella (Z.) tetleyi]PB29
`--Z. (Stiracolpus Finlay 1929)W93
|--Z. (*S.) symmetricus (Hutton 1873)P61 [=Turritella symmetricaP61; incl. T. chordataF27a]
|--Z. (S.) ahiparanus (Powell 1927)P61 [=Turritella (Zeacolpus) ahiparanaBC01]
|--Z. (S.) ascensus Marwick 1957P61
|--‘Stiracolpus’ atkinsoni [=Turritella atkinsoni]F27a
|--Z. (S.) blacki Marwick 1957P61
|--Z. (S.) capricornius (Garrard 1972)W93
|--Z. (S.) delli Marwick 1957P61
|--‘Stiracolpus’ godeffroyanus [=Turritella godeffroyana]F27a
|--‘Stiracolpus’ kanieriensis (Harris 1897)F27a (see below for synonymy)
|--Z. (S.) knoxi Marwick 1957P61
| |--Z. k. knoxiP61
| `--Z. k. tardior Marwick 1957P61
|--Z. (S.) maorius (Powell 1940) [=Gazameda maoria]P61
|--Z. (S.) mixtus Finlay 1930P61
|--Z. (S.) pagoda (Reeve 1849)P61 [=Turritella pagodaF27a]
| |--Z. p. pagodaP61 [incl. T. fulminataF27a, Zeacolpus fulminatusP61]
| `--Z. p. powelli Marwick 1957P61
|--‘Stiracolpus’ smithianus [=Turritella smithiana]F27a
`--‘Stiracolpus’ waikopiroensis (Suter 1917) [=Turritella waikopiroensis]F27a

‘Stiracolpus’ kanieriensis (Harris 1897)F27a [=Turritella kanieriensisF27a, T. (Zaria) tricincta Hutton 1873 nec Borson 1820 nec Morris 1845F27b]

*Type species of generic name indicated


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