Turmeric Curcuma longa, copyright Mokkie.

Belongs within: Zingiberaceae.
Contains: Hedychium.

The Zingibereae are a clade of gingers in which the plane of distichy of the leaves is parallel to the rhizome, the ovary is trilocular with axial, basal or free columnar placentation, and the labellum is usually not connate to the filament (Kress et al. 2002).

    |  i. s.: HaplochoremaKPW02
    |         LaosanthusKPW02
    |         ParacautleyaKPW02
    |         ParakaempferiaKPW02
    |         NanochilusKPW02
    |         StadiochilusKPW02
    |--+--+--Camptandra parvulaKPW02
    |  |  `--Pyrgophyllum yunnanenseKPW02
    |  `--Curcuma L. 1753 (nom. cons.)KPW02, S87
    |       |  i. s.: *C. longa L. 1753 (see below for synonymy)S87
    |       |         C. aromaticaP03
    |       |         C. australasica Hook. 1867S87
    |       |         C. pseudomontanaSR07
    |       |         C. zeodariaR44
    |       |--+--C. bicolorKPW02
    |       |  `--Smithatris supraneeanaKPW02
    |       `--+--+--Stahlianthus involucratusKPW02
    |          |  `--C. thoreliiKPW02
    |          `--+--C. roscoeanaKPW02
    |             `--+--C. aeruginosaKPW02
    |                `--+--C. comosaKPW02
    |                   `--Hitchenia glaucaKPW02
       |  `--+--+--Rhynchanthus beesianusKPW02
       |     |  `--Pommereschea lackneriKPW02
       |     `--+--RoscoeaKPW02
       |        |    |--R. cautleoidesKPW02
       |        |    `--R. purpureaKPW02
       |        `--CautleyaKPW02
       |             |--C. gracilisKPW02
       |             `--C. spicataKPW02
       `--+--Haniffia albifloraKPW02
          `--+--+--Boesenbergia pulcherrimaKPW02
             |  `--*Curcumorpha longifloraKPW02
             `--+--Kaempferia L. 1753KPW02, S87
                |    |  i. s.: *K. galanga L. 1753S87
                |    |--K. rotundaKPW02
                |    `--+--K. parvifloraKPW02
                |       `--K. pulchraKPW02
                `--+--+--+--Cornukaempferia aurantiacaKPW02
                   |  |  `--Boesenbergia rotundaKPW02
                   |  `--+--ScaphochlamysKPW02
                   |     |    |--S. bilobaKPW02
                   |     |    `--S. kunstleriKPW02
                   |     `--DistichochlamysKPW02
                   |          |--D. citreaKPW02
                   |          `--D. rubreostriataKPW02
                   `--Zingiber Boehmer in Ludwig 1760 (nom. cons.)KPW02, S87
                        |  i. s.: *Z. officinale Roscoe 1807 (see below for synonymy)S87
                        |         Z. chrysanthumO88
                        |         Z. jucundum Muell. 1864 (n. d.)S87
                        |         Z. odoriferumR44
                        |         Z. spectabileP88
                        |         Z. zerumbet (L.) Smith 1806 (see below for synonymy)S87
                        |--Z. ellipticumKPW02
                        `--+--Z. gramineumKPW02
                           `--+--Z. corallinumKPW02
                              `--+--Z. sulphureumKPW02
                                 `--Z. wrayiKPW02

*Curcuma longa L. 1753 [incl. C. brog, C. colorata, C. euchroma, C. montana, C. ochrorhiza, C. purpurascens, C. soloensis, C. viridiflora]S87

*Zingiber officinale Roscoe 1807 [=Amomum zingiber L. 1753; incl. Z. officinale var. cholmondeleyi Bailey 1900, Z. cholmondeleyi (Bailey) Schumann 1904]S87

Zingiber zerumbet (L.) Smith 1806 [=Amomum zerumbet L. 1753; incl. Z. zerumbet f. australiense Bailey 1905]S87

*Type species of generic name indicated


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